Mercenaries n'zoth event task 6 not completing

I had boss fights with or without a merc’s death – nothing worked.


Yeah, I was just taking a shot in the dark. I truly don’t know what the issue is. Seems totally random.

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Same issue; will retry a few times since the youtube thread seems to indicate some RNG determining whether this task registers as complete or not.

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Just completed it. You have to get 10 in a single round. 4x on boss and 2x on each flayer then it completes. Need chiji, Belinda, geddon

Same for me,

I saw Old Guardian video, i did exactly the same several times with at least 12 deathrattles triggered an never got the task done…

Not gonna try anymore


After doing this task 10 times this turned out to be te solution.

This is not a consistent workaround. Many people have gotten the task completed despite not doing this and some people have not gotten it completed despite trying this.

As of now no one knows what the conditions are for getting the task done or if the conditions are even under the player’s control. It’s probably not worth trying until they fix the bug, and if someone does want to try then the best way is to do it via the fastest method to maximize the number of bounty completions. Each completion has a practically random chance of giving credit for the task.


Same issue for me. I made sure that I waited for Dragonbone to summon the three adds, four times to make sure that I had more than ten deathrattles go off. No credit for the quest. Did the run a second time to be sure–same result no credit. Besides the twelve deathrattles there were at least five others going off during the fight. It should be more than enough.


Same issue as everyone else. More than 10 deathrattles triggered and no credit for the task despite multiple attempts.

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thankfully a fix is in the works.


From what I have read elsewhere it seems that the criterion is actually ‘10 deathrattles in one turn’. This worked for me after many previous attempts.

Same problem.

They need to just give everyone credit for all the tasks up to #7 for all of the nonsense everyone has had to deal with, and comp everyone 500 coins for this hero.

This is a joke and should have been caught in testing.


Sigh. Still no update, and at this point I’m not sure if they will work on it over the weekend. If it doesn’t get fixed until Monday that will mean lost coins from not getting Toki back. Not the end of the world, but just so annoying.


That sums it up. Wait too long to fix this, Blizz, and you might as well just pull the plug…on your own ventilator.

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It is fixed btw… :innocent: hotfix was implemented.

Thank you! I really appreciate you letting me know, it’s ridiculous that I have to get this news from the community instead of from Blizzard themselves.

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Exactly. I’ve been refreshing the Known Issues thread, but this hotfix was not mentioned there. I found out via a comment Old Guardian made in the youtube comment thread for his Task 6 video. I see that it is mentioned in a pinned post over in Community Discussion, but Mercenaries players are explicitly not members of the “community” (“You need to win three Hearthstone matches against other players in Arena or Play mode before you can post in this forum”) so I hardly ever look there.

But at least they finally fixed the bug and I can continue playing…

For me there’s a bug not advancing in task 3, the Mida bounty without Holy abilities:
i’ve done it twice with a nature comp and even in the boss never used the heal ability of the banner, only the +3damage and the nature ability one that heals if the target has already acted or not, like the same Morgl has.
Impossible so to advance in the event.
Check and fix it.

Please at least acknowledge this bug

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