Mercenaries - Coin Exchange Suggestion

For the developers - please consider the following suggestions to Mercenaries Campfire following the recent update to allow us to use Maxed out merc coins for renown.

It started as a good idea at first, you login, check the campfire, and over the course of the first week I saw 2 Visitors daily that would allow us to exchange renown for coins for a merc that had not yet maxed out.

However, now, after the first week, you DO NOT give a Visitor that allows us to exchange renown for one of my mercs that is not Maxed out yet.

Also, the Visitors that do turn up, are ALWAYS for Mercs that are already MAXED OUT (STUPID!) - why do we need more maxed merc coins that we are just going to trade for renown that we cannot spend… :frowning:

So, now we have a ton of Renown that we cannot spend daily… basically have ended up in the same situation as before the renown update. So back to grinding the most boring repetitive bosses to maybe get 0 or more coins.

Nothing worst that going into The Sunken City Coral Elemental chasing Queen Azshara coins to get to the boss, with either a Bonus Loot or Cursed Loot bounty and then getting 0 coins for the merc that is not maxed.

So, as a suggestion, can you please implement the following, which would improve overall RNG and gameplay be more targeted for the mercs we still need coins for.

  1. The Campfire should prioritise 2 visitors to trade renown evey day whilst you have mercs that are not yet maxed out.
  2. The Campfire should priorotise the other 2 visitors to be for mercs that are not yet maxed either.
  3. Maybe offer once a week on reset where we can trade up to say 1000 renown for missing merc coins (that would help for rattelgore, for example)
  4. For Boss Rewards, maybe put a RNG mod on the rewarded treasure to focus on the mercs that are not maxed.
  5. Daily Campfire bounty should also award coins weighted towards mercs that are not maxed, for same reasons above, why bother giving coins for maxed mercs, which we will only trade for renown which we cannot spend once RNG on daily visitors does not povide any visitors for mercs not maxed!

If we could exchange Renown coins for whomever merc we want, without the need of the campfire offers (the same way we can craft ANY card for dust), this wouldn’t really be an issue.

They added an annoying layer for the sake of it…

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maybe they thought it was increase their activity numbers by getting players to log in. I haven’t logged in since completing the event and wont be logging in until the next update of some sort.

It’s random, I think.

Proof of that?

Well, for Legendary mercs, you are guaranteed at least some coins from Heroic bounties of level 30. With the latest batch, it’s actually the Rare mercs that are the hardest to max this way after doing tasks (and previously, some of the epic ones were).

No, thank you. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve declined trade offers. As I’ve also noted in that topic, ‘I prefer Visitor tasks, since they can be fun or challenge me.’ Sending that Rattlegore away with its trade offers, instead of having a potentially interesting Visitor task, again and again is less fun for me.

As for other suggestions — sounds more or less fine by me.

One more thing: I generally advise against using Renown on maxing a merc. As for Rattlegore, that’s really a shame they haven’t added it to the reward pool of some bounty — they haven’t forgotten to add Rattlegore coins to she shop, though. :smirk: So, my recommendation would be to not fall into that Renown (or, well… Runestones, wink-wink, nudge-nudge… you know what I mean) ‘trap’ and just wait a bit, until the situation becomes more clear. After all, that ghoul is not running away anywhere — unless you really wanna play it right now, there’s no hurry.

Alright, answering my own question: got visited by Rattlegore, which is the only non-maxed merc in my collection, with a task, rather than a trade offer, — and a challenging one (Heroic Secret Cow with Leeroy in the party) at that, so it is possible — must be random.