Mercenaries - Cannot open Garona Halforcen in packs

Unless I am wildly off base here, as long as you have not gotten all available rare mercs, every pack opened should have at minimum a Merc or portrait. This was true through all of the other rare mercs, but now I’ve opened an additional 10 packs and Garona Halforcen is no where to be seen. Seems like a bug, but let me know if I’m missing something.

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Thanks for bringing this up. It does appear we have a bug here- the team is investigating now

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the maxed tag from collection and the +1/+5 stats from maxing is also gone, is that intentional or another bug? cheers


Glad it’s not just me, though this is disappointing since I’ve opened all my packs now.

It should take you roughly one more pack to open Garona once the problem is resovled, so it’s probably not that bad.