Linzi Redgrin OP as 1st boss (heroic)


Ive played mage on heroic for several hours now and every time i play against Linzi (the character with the eviscerate hero power) she comes up with overwhelming board presence that there is nothing I’ve been able to even attempt to do.

Couple this with the easy 1 mana removal for all the 2 health minions you start with means you cant even trade to prolong the game or rush face, please tweak the cards she has.

The cards i personally take issue with are lowly squire and edwin van cleef


We’re actively looking at player data to find outliers in Heroic that are ‘too easy’ or ‘too hard’ compared to other bosses around that tier.

Linzi is on that list of ‘too hard’, so we’ll be addressing her (and others) soon™!


Honestly outside of the occasional super big VanCleef I’ve not really had that much trouble with her, though this may be due to using Hunter.

I agree she really shouldn’t have Edwin as a first or even second boss though, and she does seem noticeably harder than the other early bosses


The heroic bosses really need to be looked at. I have defeated them, but as always with the other adventures, I wouldnt say i beat them because of skill, but rather pure luck based on the correct passive treasures.

Linzi is one prime example of this. I have beaten her, but there were many times where I could do nothing with my starting deck and just watched her obliterate me.

The same thing applies to other heroic bosses. One other examples would be the shaman with the ability to cast overload spells 3 times. When you decide to give them nuke that casts 3 times and usable to target your hero… well… good luck and have fun interacting with the game as you watch him burn all his mana to target your face and you just explode.

And please get rid of the extra mana for the final bosses. It is very shallow design and there is nothing fun about it when all you can do is hope that boss draws bad in the first few turns.

Their hero power is already OP, and giving them mana advantage just means there will be many times players won’t be able to recover.


Lost to her with the mage starting deck twice as a boss 1. Not a big deal can reroll and win as dont always lose but easy to lose control for a boss 1 thats rather redic. Yes some of it is me going face vs control as its boss 1 but still oddly powerful for a boss 1.


what the heck no…heroic is way too ez as it is…i loved facing linzi! it was a challenge. Heroic heist is so much more easier than dungeon run the original) i hope this changes with wings opening…i really hope. I went 32 - 0 vs non heroic …and lost 2 times in heroic before clearing it all…talk about not fun :frowning:


It’s the wrong kind of difficult. As it’s the first boss you have no opportunity to design your deck or powers. Being hammered down with massive face damage with a hand you haven’t had to customize, only to be followed up by much weaker challenges, is bad design. Certain starts lose to Linzi almost automatically - how is that fun?


We just released our first balance patch for The Dalaran Heist. This mostly targets bosses in Heroic mode.

We’ll continue to monitor difficulty as new content releases.

Patch notes can be found here: Hotfixes for The Dalaran Heist - May 17 2019


I think you guys are targeting the wrong things in some of the Bosses.

For example, Haro Setting-Sun is basically impossible to defeat, but it’s because of his Heroic Hero Power. His HP being a passive that reduces 2 attack to everything, from tokens, to charge, to rush to whatever, is just wrong.

Even turning into a 0 mana activated hero power would be a better power reduction.

His deck being an OP Ressurrect Priest is okay IF your minions where not all useless…


Glad you devs tested Dalaran Heist before releasing it… /s


The problem with Linzi is her hero power combined with loads of small minions who trade extremly well. Couple this with low HP and small deck size and you can at times concede turn 2 or so. Because there’s simply no coming back from it.

I’ve done the heroic adventures with ALL the henchmen so far available and she has ended as many runs on the first fight as the final/second to final bosses have for me.


How about Ichoron, just in general … insisting on casting Divine Shield on Taunt minions?! I can’t get a draw good enough to shut that thing down!


Haro can be silly, you have had an amazing run, you thought ‘ill make a weeny deck, have fun with the hunter quest, because all deck types should be fair’ right … wrong, just instant concede, its impossible to win when 80% of your creatures do either 0 or 1 damage. People will say, that was just an unlucky counter… but when it took several hours even to get a pick of items and pools to even get that far, you dont want to play again.
Hard is fine, unfair and not even remotely tested or balanced is another.