Kingsbane bug/ weapon durability

Kingsbane currently loses durability like normal but will retain the durability it last had when broken and shuffled into your deck. Ie: if I equip it and attack once then breaking it, next time I draw it it will be a 1/2 weapon instead of the 1/3.


Same… If Kingsbane lost its 3 durability, than its goes back to the deck… When I draw it again it has no durability, and if I equip it, it will broke and instantly goes to the deck again… Just now failed with that bug on ranked game…


When I take, use the kings bane and shaffle it in the deck, it returns “any number” / 0. Please fix this bug.

had that bug in ranked game too… draw it back to my hand with raiding party and also with cavern…

This should be fixed as of last evening (PDT)

But it may still be an issue with Doomerang: