Journal notification bug

Same here it’s annoying

It is, but at least this bug is not losing me games, like other 10 bugs i have for years.

Me too, just came back to the game after 4 years. Never change Hearthstone, never change

Like i said, they will wait untill bug is resolved by itself during some patch… Just like last time they had it.

Same issue here, this has happened before too…

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And it is still here! New patch old bugs… I can bet they have no idea how to fix it but waiting to resolve itself, just like last time.

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still not fixed and this obnoxious bug shows up pretty much every patch for me…

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Yup. Seems like an easy fix that is not being prioritized.

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It is so annoying. But who cares about players, they just care about money.

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The shop exclamation mark works just fine though! Imagine that! Nice work Blizzard.

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I too have the same issue.

Same here. The exclamation mark is there since the latest update. First time something like this happens to me after many years of joyous playing.

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20 days and bug is still active!

Yeah the bug is still there. Call me crazy, though, but it’s not at all annoying. I’m a little disturbed people are this worked up over something so small.

This is happening with me as well, please help I’ve ADHD I CAN’T HANDLE THIS NOTIFICATION!!!

And what do you think why they are not fixing it? There was several patches after this bug happened. And this is not the first time this same bug occurs.
You are right, lets give them more money and who cares about bugs, we can live with them?

Same bug here since august …

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Hey all- thanks for the patience on this one. With the 24.4 patch this has been resolved

WOW! It only took one month.

May i ask what was the problem and if you did that fix or again you have no idea and it is resolved by itself?

Thank you very much.