Journal notification bug

I have exclamation mark on my Journal https:/ /

When i enter it i can not see what it is. (Or there is nothing but bug is that Journal notification) https:/ /


Thanks - we have bugged this and are looking into it


same here. i got the same thingh

i hope i get a new weekly quest to replace my missing BG weekly quest that was originally there


Lets celebrate this day! Someone from Blizzard is watching over this bug forum.

But that means they intentionally ignored all other bugs i have for years :frowning:


same with all of my bugs that have happened for months :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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at me it seems more like " we released a patch , we should put someone on bug forum for a week " :slight_smile:

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“maybe forever” because i am tired of every player here not getting all their wishes granted.

hahaha, you are probably right

I have a bug where I need to pay with real money to get 4-heroes BG ??


Dude, who cares why game is 10 years in beta, lets just give them money so they do not even need to make expansions. xD

Yep same issue here.

had an update yesterday but mine still is doing it

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Still for me. Maybe this will not take years to fix like every other bug but only few months xD

Same here.
Got an update this morning but bug is still there

You know that this is not the first time this bug is present? I mean, how hard is it to fix bug that you already had?
Maybe it was fixed accidentaly with some new patch? so they still do not know cause of it?

How can you have as little feature and poor stats like HS and still have as many bugs?

Same here it’s annoying

It is, but at least this bug is not losing me games, like other 10 bugs i have for years.

Me too, just came back to the game after 4 years. Never change Hearthstone, never change

Like i said, they will wait untill bug is resolved by itself during some patch… Just like last time they had it.