How Manipulated is Draw vs. Jepetto on Heroic?


Third game losing to Jepetto because, while filling my deck with 1 to 2 cost minions, I tend to draw >5 cost minions despite my deck overwhelmingly being filled with quick hitters.

Here’s my deck-list -

1x Twist - The Carts (passive)
2x Captured Flag (passive)

1x Overpowered (0)
2x Alleycat (1)
1x Clockwork Gnome (1)
1x Dire Mole (1)
1x Mecharoo (1)
1x Shimmerfly (1)
2x Springpaw (1)
1x The Marsh Queen (1)
1x Timber Wolf (1)
6x Webspinner (1)
1x Cybertech Chip (2)
2x Fireworks Tech (2)
2x Glaivezooka (2)
1x Plated Beetle (2)
1x Scavenging Hyena (2)
1x Trogg Beastrager (2)
1x Elder Taggawag (3)
1x Nightmare Amalgam (3)
1x Nine Lives (3)
1x Spider Bomb (3)
1x Unleash the Hounds (3)
1x Infested Wolf (4)
1x Dollmaster Dorian (5)
1x Fungalmancer (5)
1x Halazzi, the Lynx (5)
1x Leeroy Jenkines (5)
1x Piranha Launcher (5)
1x Zilliax (5)

37 cards in deck, 25 of a 2 cost or below (~68%). 30 of a 3 cost or below (81%).

Effortlessly climbed to Jepetto Joybuzz with zero threat from any prior boss.

My opening hand, I draw Quest, Halazzi and Fungalmancer. I hard mulligan everything, because I don’t intend to complete quest, and need to get bodies on the board.

I am returned with Zilliax, Piranha Launcher and Leeroy. My first draw is Infested Wolf. So far, the odds of yanking not one, but 4 cards exceeding a 4 cost are astronomical. My second draw is Halazzi.

Game over.

So… How manipulated is the draw? This is the third time I have lost to Jepetto on Heroic because I seem to draw all of my late game cards in the opening few turns, despite this being statistically low probability. For this particular deck, that probability was so incredibly low, I needed to post about it.


The draw is not manipulated. The bosses draw is on many fights not yours.

You can change your draw slightly if you want via the bar by forcing a card to be in the starting hand outside of that thou low chance its just bad rng nothing more.


Yes, I noticed this too.

On the 8th boss I don’t know if they manipulate the draw, because I lost more than one game because of this, getting all the highest mana cards while the deck have plenty of low mana cards.

We need to pay more attention to see if higher mana have increased draw chance on the last boss. Just how if you paid attention to the Kobold Queen boss you would notice she always summoned the lowest cost minion of your deck.


The queen dose not always summen the lowest cost i got 3 dr booms so 7 cost from her well before my deck was below 20 cards less with tons of lower cost stuff in there.

Please don’t spread miss info the draw is not minipulated it’s just rng.


This is correct. I watched a bunch of videos of players going up against Jepetto, and despite having a blend of high and low cost cards, they managed to draw early game.

It was just extremely bad luck on my part.

The lesson I took away from it, and from playing more of the content, was “if you see Robes of Gaudiness as a treasure, take it”. That treasure alone is a massive tide turner.


It originally did always choose the lowest cost. Most people presumed it was intentional, since nobody likes losing to the a boss randomly summoning their 8/8 on turn 1. But that was changed last week:

For all I know it’s still rigged, just less severely. Maybe it prefers small minions for the first few turns and expands its scope later. I would hope something like that is the case, as killing off a run with a turn 1 Lich King would be terrible design.


Key word you missed in the hotfixed listed there is “to frequently”. That dose not mean always. The other guys claim was that it always pulled the lowest cost it did not do that before and dose not do that now. Even week one playing I seen high cost cards come out well before low cost ones. Most noticeably pulling out my rag turn 3 on the first week witch was quite memorable making me quite confident that it NEVER always pulled the lowest cost.

As such my point stand don’t spread missinfo. Always is not too frequently its always.

Side not also your hotfixes speak about low cost not lowest cost witch is also a key diff vs what was said.

While that effect is also not a draw so thou may or may not be manipulated (I don’t know) the card draw the op and I was speaking about is not. It is the same card draw as all other modes.


Does not always summon the lowest cost NOW that they fixed it. I played against her multiple times, her hero power always summoned the lowest cost minion of your deck.

In fact I tought that was how it was supposed to work.


The card draws can be rigged and you will never know man.

Example: in Karazan, if you pay attention, the game always give a Twisting Nether to the Witch in Heroic Mode on turn 8. If you manage to mill her on the following turn she will burn multiple twisting nethers because the game keep creating new Twisting Nether and giving to the boss.

We can’t be sure if they rig the draw against some bosses.


Not true as said week one seen him pull a rag within the first 4 turns when rag most def was not the lowest cost card in my deck. The patch happened after week 1. It was never a always thing only a to frequently pulling low cost thing. As the devs said.

As for your 2nd post I did say the bosses draw is rigged. Your draw is not thou. Bosses draw is rigged to make the ai do things at times they are meant to like the lich kings frostmourn turn.

There is no reason for the devs to change our draw and would be quite difficult for them to do it in any way save for by mana cost. In witch case it would be vary noticeable and pointed out. Fact is the draw is not manipulated or you would see a pattern with all the streams out there. Esp to the degree the OP where filling your deck with 1-2 minions you only mainly get 5+ cost stuff. Thats a rather one sided manipulation if that was the case that would stick out like a soure thumb if it was the case. It is not. Just like with the ai always having x card sticks out clear as day.