Happy pumpkins mission bug

In general, I have the mission of a “happy pumpkin” for 200 coins, I need to play in the arena, I spent 150 coins, it turned out to be 50 coins in plus, because I saved up coins and did not want to spend them on the arena. As a result, the Arena passed, but the mission was not completed, as a result, I am in the red and the mission hangs and takes place.! And since the time spent on this will not be returned to anyone, like my nerves and the glow of the fifth point.! Someone who will return at least 150 coins to me and take away the mission.!?
I am not strong in English.

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Same situation. I can’t complete this legendary mission. I played over 7 full matches in the arena. 3 of them was free. Others - 150 coins per match. I contacted technical support in my country. I was recommended to write here.

Your issue is listed in the top sticky post, and a fix is expected tomorrow or Tuesday:

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What actually I did, as a result, instead of 24 hours, they answered me for several days, like here.! I realized that the coins will not be returned, the mission will not be fixed, I had to cancel it when the opportunity arose.! To risk another 150 coins, I did not dare.