Happy Hallow's End quest

Still got the quest, cannot get the reward. Probably because the event ended, but I still have the quest in my slot.

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I got the same problem as well.

Same here… Any solution?

Which Hallow’s End quest was it? There are several with the same name. If it’s the first one - to play a game in arena - I recall that there were a couple bug reports of people completing it in a Tavern Brawl game in friendly challenge mode, so you might give that a shot.

If all else fails, you should be able to reroll it. Isn’t there an X in the corner of it?

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I also have this quest stuck, and I do not get any daily quest rerolls (and have not for at least a week). I cannot reroll any quest.

Your issues are listed in the top sticky post, and a fix is expected tomorrow or Tuesday:

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