Hallow's end quest stuck

The hallow’s end quest “play a game in arena mode” will not work even when I have completed an entire arena run, help.


Yeah same, give me my 200 gold!!! Saintvince#11338

SAME HERE! Kinda frustrated because I wasted 150 gold to get this

Same exact problem here. Wanted to progress the quests and nada

Im also having this issue. Ive done 2 runs to try and get this but nothing has happened

Im just gonna say same. I didnt get 200 gold and quest is still standing

Yea same. just spent 150 gold to try to get 50 in return and completed a whole run and quest didn’t complete.

I am having the very same problem. Anybody help?

Same problem here. Completed an entire Arena run and card (200 gold) is still stuck.

Same thing here! spent the 150 gold to try and get it and nothing back!

same here =( wasted arena entry fee

Same here, my quest is stuck.

Same here, quest stuck.

I have the same problem, wasted Arena for it, and nothing happend! BattleTag - Благовин#2992
Please, fix it or delete from quest journal. That drive me Crazy :rage:

Same, I finished a whole run 5-3 (so game games later), no reward.

I have the same problem. will we hear back from the administration?

Probably courtesy of the new MODES button. This just happens to coincide with not being able to click the X on my quests to get new ones, double sigh.

Same problem here, did a run of arena but the quest is still there

Same issue here, even got the popup about hallows end when I logged in this time. Already did an arena, quest stuck.

In case you guys missed it, there is a new post detailing the status of the bugs currently in game, and Monday or Tuesday, there will be a patch which, among other things, fixes this. Expand to see the whole post.