Golden card bug

golden card not show in decklist


If I try to fix the deck with golden cards, the next time I log it’s broken again. I don’t feel like I can play right now with this bug. I don’t have versions of these cards that are not golden, those were dusted to be efficient.

So yes, I have the same problem! The deck reports it had a card but it now isn’t available. It is only for golden cards.


I just verified this occurs for me on both Android 8 and Windows 10. In Windows it’s an even worse bug because I have to replace the card with a suggestion and then put the card back. VERY time consuming.

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Hi there, same bug here on windows 10 + I cannot MUTE anymore my opponents. I right click and see the silence option but I cannot confirm. So I’m spending some games with opponent spamming emotes which is really a nightmare…
Hurry up and fix this Blizzard !

I have the same bug. All of my golden cards are removed from my decks, with the “ghost” of the card showing, as if I don’t have it in my collection. I have to drag the card away and drop it right back in to complete my deck, so I can play a game. (If not it reports 27/30 cards, and I can’t use my deck.)

Then, when I leave and log back in, the same bug is back again, and I have to redo it. This is pretty much unplayable for me if I am just looking to enjoy a quick game on mobile.

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Hello all.

phone honor play
Huawei version 9 1 12 301
Hearthstone version last update 08/11/2018
The user launch the application, then enters the normal or ranked game mode.

Current state :
Some decks are written 28/30 cards whereas they were 30/30 at last connection before closing the game. It happens on 4 decks which contain a duo of gold and normal card. Other decks with unique gold cards, like legendary gold cards don’t have the issue. It happens when you have twin cards with one normal and one gold (1 gold necromecanician and 1 normal necromecanician).

Expected state:
The user can make deck list with different cards (normal and gold) without needing to re build his deck at each connection

I thank in advance the blizzard support team for his responsiveness and his high quality job.

Best regards,

Ps : sorry for my English

I’m having the same issue, you can remove the card and re-add it, but then the next time you log in it back with the cards missing. this is making the game unplayable. please fix promptly.

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Any solution?

I have the same problem, but it is exclusive to my hunter quest deck, and only happens to my swarm of locusts cards. When I log in, it says my hunter deck is incomplete with 26/30 cards. My swarm of locusts is 1x golden and 1x non-golden. When I go to edit my deck, it shows the swarm of locusts with a full-golden border (not split like it should be) and highlighted it blue, for missing cards.

Drag the card out of the decklist and than add it again…

and when you log out , the next time you log in you will have to do it again. not good,

Same here. I do have alot of golden cards. But only if I have 1 golden and 1 non-golden copy of the same card in the deck it does have the described problem. Very annoying.

Same issue on iPhone 10 and windows X

Same issue here on iMac, Macbook and iPhone, so the bug is everywhere. Confirmed… Is there any way to communicate this to blizzard directly? SO ANNOYING!!!

Blizzard is aware, this is in the sticky post at the top of this forum:

Unfortunately, I have not seen any details about when this will be fixed. Hopefully they have had time to include that in next week’s patch and just did not have time to update the post.

At the moment, your workarounds of editing the decks repeatedly until it works is the only one I know of.

I found out yesterday there’s WAY more going on here than just golden cards! I have ONE deck without golden, this deck plays fine but it reports I have more than 30 cards in the deck?!

Today I found out if you have a pair of golden cards it works just fine. The issue is if you have one golden and one normal card in a deck of the same type.

Same here, the decks are just showing 28/30…26/30…every time I log in. And I also cannot refresh my quests…