Gold cards keep getting removed from decks

Since the very last patch, all the decks that have golden cards say X/30 cards where there used to be golden versions there. They are greyed out as if its trying to do the autocomplete thing (which I never use) and once I “fill up” my deck by adding other random cards up to 30, or sometimes only adding two version of any same card, it fills in the blanks and say I have 30 again and then I can properly remove the cards and add them.

Oh I forgot to mention the worst thing about this bug. When im trying to add gold or normal versions of a card where theres a gold slot in the deck, it wont allow me to add or remove the other card to fill the space. For example I have two voidwalkers in my deck, one is golden. It says the golden one is missing, so I try to add it but wont allow me as if I had 2 in the deck already (which I do), then trying to remove the normal voidwalker it won’t allow me to remove the golden and reads it as already missing. So then I do the workaround I mentioned above or remake the deck from scratch. I have to do this every single time I log from the client btw.

Another thing to mention idk if its important, but I only have 2 copes of a card everywhere in my collection. I delete the non golden copies when I have gold ones. Idk if that messes with the deck helper thing or not.

Same here, it drives me crazy, as I have to edit my deck remove these cards and add them back in to play each day

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Same here. I have xx/30 decks now. I thougt it was me. And I created those cards. Loosing dust

Your issue is listed in the top sticky post, though it is not clear yet when a fix will be available:

What appears to work at least for some people is to remove the problem cards from the deck, then add the non-golden version. Save the deck. Edit again, repeat with the golden version. Doing it twice like that would “unlock” the regular, then the golden version. However, this workaround will have to be re-done the next time you log in.

Also, as you have noticed, the issue is when you have a regular and a golden copy of the same card in the deck. For those who still have two identical copies (regular or golden), using those instead will avoid the issue for the time being.

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thx for fixing blizz. Woulda been nice if you acknowledged the problem somewhere though so we didn’t worry you were missing it or ignoring it.