Galakrond's Awakening

Whats your opinion about the new singleplayer content?

Personally i was shocked and disappointed to see they kinda moved back to the old adventure format, instead of the dungeon run format.
I enjoyed picking up cards along the run, building a completely custom deck every run. I mean, im glad you dont have to use your own actual deck but now it seems to be just a premade deck against each enemy? The replayability will be so appalling…


1 hour in and still waiting for the mobile patch… so I have no clue

Loved it. Especially Khadgar is fun: who doesn’t like casting a 28-damage Arcane Missiles that gets casted 5 times? (had 4 Kirin Tor Elementals on the field and used that Spell that gives you +5 Spell Damage for the turn)


The Khadgar hero is the only one I enjoyed so far. And yes the old format sucks because now That I have passed all 6…I have no reason to go back and play it. They basically ruined the replay value of the adventure which still sucks because the other adventures have been worth it to go back and play over and over. In this case I would’ve liked them to kinda go half and half, premade decks but along the adventure you can add and removed cards from the new expansion to fit your deck to the different bosses…

Hope it gets better or its back to the last two for me.


I replayed the dungeon runs multiple times. I don’t see much of a reason to here. I will play it out since I bought the whole thing but wouldn’t have been mad it I missed it all together, least from what I seen so far.


Awful. Absolutely terrible.


The build up for the awakening was big; unfortunately i found myself saying to mysef “why on earth would I spend gold or money for any more” Personally dissappointed.


It’s pretty fun, though at least in the first wing, most fights were bit easy on heroic, only one I actually had to make a deck specifically for was Avalanchen, all the others just took down easily with Galakrond Zoo.

Dungeon runs were getting stale for me, so I don’t mind that they went back to adventures. I do mind that with 7 chapters (8, but the first league of evil one is free), it will now cost 4900 gold instead of 2800. Still $20 if you buy it.

I never been about money but this 20$ was a total waste, not even took 1 hour to went through the first chapter, easy (thanks to pre-made deck) and we aren’t going to talk about the replay-value. This is the second worst adventure imo, Boomsday project has to be the one.


I know this is just the first portion and it is free this time… But, wow. I mean I don’t feel any effort at all was put into this. It takes minutes to beat (for me the other adventures were truoblesome to beat, but I got loads of gametime and hours and hours of fun) and you get no choice in the matter of decks , chosing cards, or heros.

I am hoping that the rest of the adventure will be a totally different format, but that seems overly optimistic. I am really happy I have not purchased the adventure yet. I was going to, but I wouldn’t pay 10 bucks for this one, much less 20. I mean, I got home a bit late from work and I’m done with it. No replay value and took a matter of minutes.

The most annoying thing is that two of the cards are Warlock cards. I just loath the Warlock, lol.

Fingers crossed for some actual content next week. Now I have to start harvesting gold, which I really wanted to spead on cardpacks. :frowning:

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I guess you missed that there is heroic mode also where you make your own decks.

No, there is always heroic, I just don’t play heroic.

He was a lot of fun. I ended up getting endless 0 manna fireball spells and dealt about 130 damage on turn 8, lol. He got owned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heroic mode has you make your own decks, but yeah, I’m with you their…so much potential, wasted…

With Dungeon Run style adventures, they are selling a stand alone Single Player Deckbuilding Rogue-like game.

With old style “Adventures” like this one, they are really selling a pack of cards, with a little amusement/annoyance attached to it.

I’m a single player gamer, so I prefer the former. I imagine that if you are a competitive PvP card collector, then you prefer the later.


This is outrageous adventure. Was so dissappointed with it. Short and boring. No more deck building, passives, treasures…

RIP gold.

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THANK YOU BLIZZARD! Galakrond’s adventure was AMAZING! It’s fun, funny and so nice to be able to complete an adventure in both normal and heroic mode without committing 80 hours over 4 days to the awfulness that was the Dungeon Run format. To me, the Dungeon Run style is too hard, takes too long and it feels terrible to get beat by bosses who cheat or bad card options, or have to start over because you won every match except for the last one.

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Wouldnt be so outrageous if they didnt add a week break between chapters as this type of adventure doesnt work with this

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It’s utter trash. I hated the original solo content for this reason.
The normal mode is nothing but a demo for new cards from this expansion with essentially an autowin premade deck.

Heroic, conversely, is what I’m disappointed by. They went back to constructed format against the bosses. That’s the exact reason I absolutely H-A-T-E-D old solo content. It’s the same exact same strategy every time. Build a stupid gimmick deck to beat the boss’ stupid gimmick, restart the battle until you get the perfect opening hand. Yawn.

This expansion is the most thinly veiled cash-grab they’ve done so far. Even Boom Labs was more exciting than this. I was actually enjoying the silly story and getting interested in these exclusive characters. They built up the ‘epic conclusion’ so much and then released this trash. AND locked each side’s story behind double the normal gold cost.

The past couple years I’ve only really enjoyed the solo-content because I like the idea of crazy powerful decks, drafting cards and treasures and heroes with all these wild and unique cards that you couldn’t get away with in standard.

They really shot a deuce on their PVE players with this one. I hoped Hearthstone’s future would expand the solo experience into new territory, but all I got was Battlegrounds and this chore of a story mode.