Fixing Over-Eager Push Notifications

Hey all,

We’re aware of an issue where people playing on iOS devices are being prompted to allow push notifications every time they open the app. This is not intended, and is being caused by push notifications being enabled within the Hearthstone client, but disabled on your device. We’re working on a fix that we plan to implement in our next big patch.

In the meantime, we have a workaround to share with you all:

  1. Open Hearthstone on your iOS device
  2. Press the settings cog in the top right
  3. Press “Options”
  4. In the bottom portion of that menu, under “Other,” press “Privacy”
  5. Press “Privacy Settings”
  6. Uncheck the box that reads “Enable push notifications”

Then click “Done” and you should be set.


what about having to enable chat settings every time the client is opened on PC?


I’d like to add this is a big problem. I am noticing friends forgetting to turn chat on because you are only prompted upon trying to chat. So, unless you are the type to initiate messages (many wait to receive them), you are missing messages and don’t know it. This happens to me sometimes.


Hey there, this was fixed in Tuesday’s 21.3 patch (except for in the CN region, where the fix is going live in the next big patch). Once you update to 21.3, your settings should be saved.


Thank you kindly, @GnomeSayin.


Everyone, make sure to tune into GMs for free packs;

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@GnomeSayin, are there any plans for premade decks to be sold again? Any ETA?

This was not fixed on iOS in the most recent patch (in fact, it started with the most recent patch. Playing on iOS 21.3.93849 (US) and getting the prompt every time I open the app.

Hey there, the “this” I was referring to in this reply was the other complaint that was raised in response to this thread (chat settings not being saved). What you’re talking about (the main issue that this thread was created about) is still scheduled to be fixed in the next patch, like stated above. You can do the workaround listed in the original post in the meantime.


@GnomeSayin, I don’t know if I should be asking you this, and if not, my apologies. However, is there any way we could be given some more forum avatars?

Also, could you comment at all on premade decks and if any are in the works?

While you’re at it fix the over eager “convert deck to standard” crap.

I don’t know about the forum avatars, but I’ll float the ask and see what happens. As for potential future premade decks, I can’t speak on anything that hasn’t been announced, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for a possible official announce!


Super happy just to see a responsive, live person here.

Thank you for stopping in and saying hello!

Have a great day!


Don’t get your hopes up. They seem to be a warlock player.

Hiyah friend! :wink:

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