First play of the new "Play 3 games as..." quest

The first game you play on the new quest “x, y and z” doesn’t give credit for playing that game. Subsequent games seem to work though., so you end up playing 4 games.

I’m only getting credit if I win, like the old quests.

I can’t quite figure out a pattern for these quests. If I win, I always seem to get credit. If I lose, I sometimes get credit, I sometimes don’t.

do you lose or concede

ive read somewhere conceding doesnt count

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Yes apparently conceding at any point, makes it so it doesn’t count.
I am not sure that is a good thing, there are so many people that drag that last turn when all they need to do is attack, I think it would be a lot better if they had a turn counter or something else to count as “play as”

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If so, that sounds like a bug. Other quests (like “challenge a friend“) allow you to concede as long as you’ve played a certain number of turns, they’re mainly just checking to stop you from conceding on turn one.