Disabled in Battlegrounds

Hey all,

We’re currently investigating crashes in Battlegrounds, which we suspect may be caused by Leapfrogger. We’ve disabled the minion for now while we continue to investigate and arrive at a solution. We’ll update here once we know more.

UPDATE 9/1: Deathwing has been temporarily removed from the Battlegrounds hero pool due to it causing crashes with the new Master Nguyen hero. We plan to return Deathwing to the hero pool once the issue has been patched. We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

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could you reduce its health by 1 while your at it


surly the crashes are connected to patch notes crushing the morale of the playerbase.


I’m not sure it’s the right place to report, but there is something really weird happening with C’thun + Dragons + Whelp… I don’t know how but my dragons’ life where scaling much more than they should. There was a turn that I used hero power and one of my dragon’s life went up 100+ hp… makes no sense…

That’s because of the whelp girl increasing their health +2 every time cthun hits them once. It’s absurd and very likely to get nerfed.

But I think it was way more health than it should… For example, once I used hero power and it repeated 5 times… and my dragon (It was a Chromawing) received about 30hp… I assume it should be 10hp since it gained attack 5 times (5x +2hp)

If you had multiple whelp smugglers on the board, it would stack. The dragon gets +1 then +2. That’s +3 for every hit for every girl. So 2 girls would be 30 HP if all 5 hit the dragon. If she’s golden, it’s even more absurd. And don’t forget other buffs like Razorgore or in battle buffs…those count as well.

leapfrogger is awesome mechanic…and deathwing needs work anyways…

I had only one whelp and two Chromawings the moment I thought it was weird… In the last round, I had one chromawing with 414/779 and the other with 65/462 XD

If I get this hero again I’ll try and do some more tests, but it really freaked me out

I just finished a game 15 mins ago where my Golden Rat Pack was loaded with Golden Leap Frogger death rattles, but when Rat Pack died it didn’t trigger its own death rattle (Summon 23 x 2/2 rats, in this case). It was my last minion and I lost, because the 2/2 rats never materialised to clear the only 2 minions my opponent had left (who were on 1 or 2 health). So, I’m guessing Leap Frogger’s death rattle deleted Rat Pack’s death rattle. Would be grateful to see this fixed, as I’d like to play around with Leap Frogger some more.

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Why not rework deathwing before adding him back? He’s one of the early heroes and though power creep has caused many old heroes to be revamped, he never was.

-he gives +1 attack to his minions only.
-he pays 1 to give attack bonus equal to his tavern level to all his minions next combat
-whenever he sells a minion, he gets +1 attack all his minions for next combat
-whenever he levels up, all his minions get +2 attack permanently
-he has avenge (2) give all your minions +1 attack permanently
-whenever a friendly minion gains stats, give it +1 attack permanently

Just brainstorming for the devs. You don’t have to tell me how each of these is a horrible or OP ability.

There’s indeed a bug with Whelp Smuggler. I don’t know the full details, but I think her abilty also counts the previous times the attack went up, including previous turns.

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avenge 7 maybe…2 they would be some vicious dragon decks