[Dalaran Heist Bug] Completed run animation above hero portraits

If you complete a run (normal or heroic) with a hero in a certain wing, the completed “crown” mark above the hero portrait will be displayed in the other wings too (for that difficulty mode). The completed-runs counter for that hero in that difficulty mode remains unaffected though.

EDIT: It will also not “check” under the used hero power from a completed run, althogh the “Bosses Defeated” and “Runs completed” counters work as intended. It’s certainly a visual related bug, but still annoying since you can’t be sure which run you have completed and what hero power was used for a certain wing.

Here is a video of my last completed run. The Undermine hero power that was used during that run was not registered after the run ended. You can also see that I have all runs completed for that wing for every available hero, which as stated above, it’s not true.


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I just finished two runs in normal mode and I did not get a “crown” mark over portraits, before today’s update everything was fine :frowning:

Known issues. It should be only a display bug, your progress is still recorded.