Collection Manager shows erroneous incomplete decks

I just checked my collection this morning and noticed that 3 of my decks showed missing cards. I only have the screenshots for one:

That “combo” deck shows 28/30 and when I go to edit it, 30 cards are present, leaving the deck editing clears it.

One of the 3 decks is standard, not wild. Also, I thought it might be due to the cards which were updated in the last patch, but I don’t have any of them in this deck.

Edit: noticed I am not alone, I should have read the titles more closely before posting:


I can reproduce this, I first encountered it on the deck selection screen in play mode. You can still enter matchmaking if the deck was already selected prior to entering the deck selection screen, but if you try and select a different “incomplete” deck then it will force you to try and complete it first. Simply entering the collection manager, selecting these decks, and hitting done will fix this

Simple workaround: reset Hearthstone

Sure, workaround is easy, I just went to edit each one and close the deck editing right away, that reset it. Just reporting so that Blizzard is aware.

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This has happened to me twice now. I’m guessing it’s a byproduct of the offline editor being added.

Same has happened to me since last update

It did the same to me.
Cards counts show 20+30.
Go to edit. The deck is complete.
Technically, its just annoying.

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Same here, I get the issue on all my decks when loading on either PC or Android. Also looks like the collection manager isn’t correctly syncing deck changes between the two devices - this morning one of my decks contained 32 cards, which were a combination of two previous iterations which had been modified across the devices

me too. happening between plays, with unaltered decks. no just a visual bug either. won’t let you play until yougo in and open then close the deck.

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This bug is incredibly frustrating. I cant even play half my decks and going into the deck editor doesn’t fix it. I just doesn’t let me use a second copy of cards I own.

Please try to not bump 5 months old threads. The bug we are all experiencing now is not the same as the one from 5 months ago. This new one is new from the patch 15.6.0 which was published earlier this week. You can find some details in the sticky post here:

but unfortunately not much yet regarding the permanent fix for it.

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Sale problème today : 3 decks