Can't Spectate after patch


I’m unable to spectate. The only options I have for players is to “Challenge” them and if they are in a game I get the notification that I cannot challenge them because they currently in a game.

I have the spectate a friend quest and no way to get the reward.


Same here with me and my friend


do you you or does your friend play on mobile? A patch was just released, and typically it takes a bit more time for the patch to be available for mobile users, and while people have different game versions, they cannot play against each other, or spectate, etc.

Usually this is a matter of a few hours, but this post suggests that in this case there are glitches which needed fixing and that delayed the mobile patch:


Same issue. For context I am a mobile user , and cant duel or spectate my friends.

Worse still, I did an experiment with a friend and they can duel with me, yet I cannot do the same. Am running 5.0.32 something, and my friend I think is the same.

Plus this is doubly frustrating as I have a quest of it too.