Cant reroll Quests?

Hi guys,

I cant reroll quests anymore. I tried it on PC and Tablet (Android). NA, EU, Asia, but it doesnt work? Common bug?

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I have this problem too. Reroll button missing from the quests list.

Also missing reroll quest button since patch. I had 1 quest and got new one at midnight, but no option to reroll either quest.

I am having this issue as well. I got a new quest this morning. That gave me a total of 3 quests. 50gx2 and the new one 60gx1. I was/am not given an option to re-roll any of them. This was noticed first on Android and confirmed on a PC.

I also have this problem. I still have the “Happy Hallow’s End” quest, and haven’t had a reroll in at least a week.

Your issues are listed in the top sticky post, and a fix is expected tomorrow or Tuesday: