Can't play/spectate a friend(both sides)


So, I have a major, game-breaking bug which does not allow me or my friend to spectate each other’s games or even play with each other. It’s unknown why this happens. I’ve been searching for this issue in the "Known Issues up to date"topic but this one is not present there.
Any ideas how to fix this? Relogin does not work, each of us has “allow to spectate” turned on.


Same here with me and my friend too


Do you you or does your friend play on mobile? A patch was just released, and typically it takes a bit more time for the patch to be available for mobile users, and while people have different game versions, they cannot play against each other, or spectate, etc.

Usually this is a matter of a few hours, but this post suggests that in this case there are glitches which needed fixing and that delayed the mobile patch: