Bug using golden and non golden cards


Anyone else noticed that for example if you have a copy of Fireworks tech non golden, you cannot add the golden one as well.

Just as an example : I have 1x non golden firework tech and 1x golden firework tech. It used to be in the same deck, now if I add the golden or non golden one, it says that I can only add 2 copies of that card and I am still missing one card to complete the deck.

Can make a snip if needed.


Same happened with me - this literaly makes some of my decks unplayable since there aren’t “sufficient cards”.
Bug probably came with the newest update, for some reason.


It did come with the new patch, some details here:

No ETA on a fix for this specific issue though.

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Does this “Monday or Tuesday” mean we’re locked out of Standard play for a week? I dust my extra cards so I don’t have non-golden versions available to work around this bug. I’m getting “this deck is not valid for this mode” errors trying to play all my Standard decks.

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Yeah same here, just posted this yesterday:

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And here’s the UPDATE by them:

They are still investigating our issue…

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Fix for the missing cards: open the deck in your collection. It will show half the number of missing cards. Close it, open it again. All the missing cards should be back.

I tried to fix it a couple of times but when I log in again, the problem comes back

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Hmmmm…not rally man

Nope, problem still here…

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I have the same issue - My Gold Cards are no longer valid. I replaced the golds in 15 decks and then put the golds back in and it ran fine - until I logged back in and the issue re appeared. Test patches more thoroughly before making them live - this is beyond annoying. - thanks