Bug of mercenary brann second ability summit campfire

bug of mercenary brann second ability summit campfire:
my character cannot trigger the critical damage to enemy whom have already acted. enemy acted between use of brann summit campfire and my other character acted havn’t considered acted. this is not correct, especially with the second equipment of brann, it makes brann second ability go 0 speed.it cannot be triggered its critical damage anyway in the situation now. it turns out brann get worse when it equips with the adventurer’s pack. this is not the intention of this ability and the equipment.
pls fix it coz this is critical to the gaming of PVP game. thank you.

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23.4 Known Issues - Bug Report - Hearthstone Forums (blizzard.com)

It is known issues that:
" * Brann Bronzebeard’s Summit Campfire’s effect does not match its text."

Actually the skill works as designed: Affects opponents have acted before Brann casting this skill and benefits companion which acts later. But the design make nonsense. It should cast against all opponents and checks the “acted” condition to take effect when companions cast skills against them.

Another issue about this skill : Lvl3 is identical to lvl4.