Bug in Duels with hero power

When i chose second hero power and second special card, after creating the deck i have first hero power and special card, what i need to do with it? this problem it`s not first time

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Hello, the same problem appears

I have had the same issue two times playing as a Hunter. As a result, 300 gold went down the drain. Can we at least get the tickets refunded?

I think we will get nothing

I got the same issue

i got the same problem

Same issue here, it happened multiple times in the last 24 hours with different heroes (and for two rounds I was also paying).

I have the Same problem :frowning:

Whenever i pick warlock and choose the +2/+1 hero power, it changes to the discard hero power in game. i have lost 300 gold (2 heroic runs) because of this. i want a quick solution and a refund.


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i mean you would think they would test their patches lol

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same here. happened twice with mage. also corrupted monsters returned after being destroyed, I couldn’t interact with them but they took a board space