Battlegrounds MMR Updates

+1 oh and the new MMR system will only make ppl go play other BETTER games… way to go Blizxard!

Watching RDU yesterday, he is currently number 1 on EU. Even he said the new MMR system is perfectly fine BUT only if it comes out with a full reset of the rankings.
When you make such a massive change you need to then restart everyone back to the same point.
Then the system will work as intended with you gaining/losing at a somewhat respectable rate.
Currently anyone of any high rank might as well stop playing because its pretty demoralising to see an unlucky 8th hit you for -300+ and a win offer you 20. There is no way you should have to place 1st 15 odd times to cancel out 1 8th place.

any plans on add King Bagurgle to a standard game?:S

Ty for posting this on these forums as well!

Good changes,the old system was a bit ridiculous making the game into a grind.
Its great that some of the top players gave feedback which led to this change,its good to see they care about the integrity of the system.
The rating points they have to mean something,they have to be an indication about the relative skill of all the players. This wasn’t the case but should be the case now.
If rating is no indication of relative skill then why have the rating points in the first place.


I had three bad games and I lost 570 points?? An 8th, 5th and 6th and I lose that many points?!?! Yet I get a 3rd place and get 12 points?!!?!

How is this better?!?!! Whats the point of playing this mode when trying to gain points you need to place 1st or 2nd to get any real movement? I know its a video game and all and it doesn’t matter at all but still.

Horrible updates today . . . horrible.


Hi cris,it seems you are going to undo the update again. Maybe you could keep us up to date on this forum as well?

The Problem: Players at very high MMR were continuing to climb by playing lots of games. Despite playing against players with a lower MMR, the MMR awarded at the end of the match was still very high.

Did this also mean that a low ranked mmr player would lose a lot of points if he scored less then 50% against players with 2k higher rating?
The benefit of one,comes at the cost of the other.

It would be very disappointing if this update was being undone to restore the very unfair previous situation.

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Biggest tear jerker of all time.

Yep, I called it.

Im done with this rng of battlegrounds, never getting minions or heros worth it. Also a win give 28 yet a lose give 180? Its not even fun anymore.

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Well… after this updates I’m not touching this mode once it’s out of “beta” someday.

How it’s the players fault that he didnt get certain things in order to not lose at 8th? but that’s beside the point, losing almost 200 points if you end 8th is just TERRIBLE… two friends of mine tonight decided to stop playing this mode, they were 5700 and 5400… guess what? they dropped to 4700 and 5000…

winning also terrible… considering how lucky you gotta get you only get a few points… it’s just not good.

Psychological insights: virtual points are important.

what if rank resets once a month like in ranked game mode? but with similar incentives also? Like if you hit so high you start on a higher level, or perhaps there can be rewards, like gold, or cards or dust? Maybe the chance to pick your next hero out of the whole list before our next match starts? I dunno, just some ideas.

My EU account is only at 7k. And I basically stopped playing on it. I barely get anything for wins, and at time even lose MMR for 2nd or 3rd. It’s pointless to play on it now.

If MMR is solely there for match making, it shouldn’t even be displayed. If it’s there as a bragging right, then this change kills that.

People at large are competitive, displaying these points so prominently makes them “matter”. If it was meant solely for match making there’d be no reason for leader boards, displaying those, etc. Now they’re trying to force people down to 5’5 or so. Actively punishing them for playing.

In the process they messed up the risk/reward dynamic. If you lose points at 2nd or 3rd you pretty much HAVE to come first. And even then you’re only getting a pittance. You need to beat 35~ players got get as many points (5 games at 15-20) as you lose for coming 3rd.

Its back to the old system and people are grinding points again.

Its pure playing for fun now,nothing competitive left unless you consider grinding lower ranked lobbys beeing competitive.
Playing for fun isn’t horrible at all btw since the game is awesome,so I will keep playing for sure.
Still I would very much prefer a truly competitive system where people actually have to play at the rating level they have to maintain their rating instead of grinding lower ranked lobbys for a lot of points and sitting at a rating they aren’t worth.
Which in the end goes at the cost of rating points for the lower ranked players.

If you keep system like this then at least make it so that matchmaking is based on the MMR and not on an internal accurate elo rating.

Like on my eu account I play lobby which is 1k rating higher being 7k myself. I then have to score 50% against those 8k players just to maintain my 7k. To get to 8k I would need positive winrate,which would indicate I am actually stronger then those 8k players just to get to 8k mmr.
Also players with high mmr but not so high actual elo,they will face lower ranked players. I don’t know if use internal and accurate elo for matchmaking,it would be nice to know. But if do that then the rating system should be changed.
Or use the current system but then also use the current mmr,s for matchmaking and not some internal accurate elo.

The system is very unfair!!

Yes. I also care for the points I found out. But I think this is not simply a one-sided dynamic from the game developer side, but there is also a part coming from the players and what meaning they ascribe to the points. Because logically the points should matter because they decribe one’s skill wheras a big number of inflated points itself is not as imprssive as say a lower score on an actively played account on the new system.

Exactly HS is more skill then the BG

Could simply force people to play a number of games each month to retain their points. Otherwise they lose some of them each month. While ignoring active players who’ll just fill the quota simply by being active.

what’s the point for a competitive player or someone who wants to go mid ground and they lose 300-200 points for 8-7th? and when they get top 3 they get 30-75 points?

the system punishes you very very hard specially with all the RNG involved around, sure “strategy” somewhat matters but once you figured everything out there’s no strategy it’s getting certain hero power and getting the cards at the right time… that’s hearthstone.

starting to believe that the “mmr” system was a mistake… by trying to copy what all other tower defense games have been doing since they went popular.

derp 16 bla bla bla