Battle For Alterac Valley Starting Early

We’re excited to share that the Battle for Alterac event will begin early! With a hotfix planned for release in the next day, all players will begin their faction’s quest line and start earning their Golden card rewards! These cards will remain locked until the expansion launches on December 7.

For more details on the Battle for Alterac, check out the “Diamond Cards and The Battle for Alterac Valley” portion of the Rewards Refresh blog post:


Im excited but whats a Golden card reward

Read the blog post about the new Rewards Track:

It includes a section about the legendary questline, including a chart of the rewards based on whether you chose Horde or Alliance.

You get the same rewards either way:

  • 2 golden copies each of six rare Objective cards (the spells that last 3 turns): Stormpike Aid Station (Priest), Dun Baldur Bunker (Hunter), Dun Baldur Bridge (Paladin), Iceblood Garrison (Warrior), Iceblood Tower (Mage), and Frostwolf Kennels (Druid).
  • A golden copy of the faction legendary that you didn’t choose: either Vanndar or Drek’thar.

I am glad to see that we are getting an early start to the grind.

So wait, the rewards track is resetting tomorrow this means?

No, that is expected to still go live with the expansion.


I think its kinda lame that I have already accumulated 500 honor points and now that the quest is active, I have to start over at Private and grind back up again

damn bro, 500 already, i hope you are on alliances team. I want my diamond legendary

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Just want to say…
Welcome. It is great to see you here, and hope you can visit here(forum) more.

Ps. Bring your friends.


Congratulations Blizzard team and all players!!!

Finally the long-awaited expansion saw the light!!!

It was a hard, but great work for developers… But for players it will be a hard way to the victory in Alterac Valley and an amazing travel to new horizon and achievements!!!

A long-expected journey through new reward track!!!

In the future new patches, adventures and seasonal events!!!

I can recommend to add in game some interesting mercenaries:

  1. Ahune (Elemental / Epic protector)
  2. Al’akir (Elemental / Epic fighter)
  3. Duke Hydraxis (Elemental / Rare caster)
  4. Lokholar (Elemental / Legendary caster)
  5. Neptulon (Elemental / Epic caster)
  6. Tickatus (Elemental / Rare fighter)
  7. Therazan (Elemental / Legedary fighter)