Arena Mode and Mobile Status Updates

(Andrew Kauz) #23

Latest update: we’re seeing the 14.4 update live across most storefronts.


Thank all of you for getting everything sorted out, the buffs and new legendary are awesome!


I’m glad you are, because I certainly am not seeing it.

Is there a delay for release in areas outside the US?


Just to stick to the topic - got an update on EU.


Finally got the update, but the audio assets aren’t downloading. It’s stuck on Paused for Asset Download, even though I’m not in a game, I’m on Wi-Fi, and I have both Enable Download and Cellular Data Enabled. Not sure how to force it to start downloading.


Argh, my run has expired. Free ticket though… The change was in the news, but no warning. Of course, usually it involves expiring decks.


No update. No audio.


Update downloaded from the AppStore but the app still says it’s not updated…


Update has been downloaded from store however when trying to start app I get an error message saying “Failed to get update”


Don’t see update, extra letters to hit 20 characters


No longer compatible message when i try to update my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Have all system updates. Please help