Arena Mode and Mobile Status Updates

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Can we anticipate a fix and mobile players having access to the new patch by the end of tomorrow’s maintenance?


What’s going on with this patch? Usually this patchwork is pretty well prepared. Why is this one so broken?


Seconding with Elmo. There might be the occasional hiccup with patches, but this one seems to not have been properly tested prior to launch.


Arena is all i play :frowning:


Same as TheStinsonic, I only play arena, only play other modes for quests. If our current runs are deleted, I would appreciate a free run.


What will happen with my current run? I didn’t know where would be a change in expansions selected for the draft in this patch (was it in the news even?). I am on 5-1 and don’t want to lose that run… Also, mostly playing arena player here.

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Hi all, I’ve added an update to the original post with the current status. For mobile players, we’ll be providing an update tomorrow morning as we finalize the 14.4 update deployment, which is slated to begin at 9am PDT and will likely take about an hour to appear on your device.

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Can't play/spectate a friend(both sides)
Can't Spectate after patch

Blizzard what the hell? Still mobile is not working. Nice one. Little more and I’ll delete this game. A for others sake, blizzard you need to compensate your community for this. We can’t play HS like 12 or 13 hours from now.


slow claps
Was excited to play with the changes, updates and the Thunder King Hero…so much for that and so much for “What, do you guys not have phones?”


again a update that screwed up
last update dalaran heist did not work an it takes a week to make it
now arena dont work does blizzard test updates first


Is out for you guys?


Not yet. Was hoping to play before work, but guess not.


Is there any news? This is frustrating :frowning:


Any idea how long till we can update?


Guys, go read the original Blue post on here - the updated it with info. Implementing patch now, should be rolled out in an hour.

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We’ve added another update to the original post - the mobile updating process has just begun and we expect things to be available around 10:00 PDT this morning.

When does the mobile update drop

I’ve installed the new update on my Android through the Amazon AppStore, but I’m stuck on the screen with the Hearthstone emblem glowing before “Hearthstone” appears. I tried a full uninstall/reinstall and am having the same issue.

Edit: After persistently quitting and opening the app, it seems that it finally got tired of me trying and downloaded more to let me in. :slight_smile: No clue what actually triggered it, but it’s working now!


Currently trying to instal the update for the iPhone10 but it is stuck at installing with 0 progress. Tried stopping and re updating but I still have the same issue

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Latest update: we’re seeing the 14.4 update live across most storefronts.