Arena Balance and Bucket Updates - April 17, 2019

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Later today we will be applying an adjustment to the weight of Rogue class cards in Arenas to address some current balance issues. This means that overperforming Rogue cards will be seen less frequently. Additionally, we will be making changes to the card buckets for other classes to create a more consistent drafting experience. You will not need to patch your client or download any additional data to receive this update.

Please note that after this change some Rogue choices may seem sub-optimal, but we are prepared to address any outstanding issues in a future update.

For an up-to-date list of current Arena rules, please check our forum post here.

Rogue Overnerfed in Arena
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The hunter drop rates seemed skewed as well. I only kept getting cards from either old naxx or old gods.


nice job fixing Rogue so quickly - thank you


That is really in time. Thanks. Keep up the good work!


What about the Warlock? I just faced 5 of them out of 6. HELLFIRE, HELLFIRE. POTION, 2 Cost lackey dude, Abyss OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Rouge isn’t the only problem. Its the constant minion fest where the synergy dont comply vs the decks who actually got lucky to get spells and removal. Still charging money for a broken system. I love this game but Ive spend alot of money on it so my b1itching holds weight. Figure it out you guys are way past due.


good that rogue got fixed.

on a sidenote, balancing changes will never seem sincere to me ever again, cause only after activision blizzard got boo’d and stock fell, have the game dev teams started paying attention to their games more (except hots), and at least partially listening to feedback, (and in the case of hearthstone) rather than standing up for whoknowshowlong for the most op cards and claiming that “they are fine”.


Thank you for addressing Arena Rogue! It was rather out of control and was ruining the integrity and many players’ enjoyment of the format.

Hopefully the change wasn’t too heavy-handed: the intent should be to essentially balance the classes, not to send the top-performing ones to the bottom.

Having said that, this change along with the “more consistent drafting experience” does make one fear the potential of Warlock and Priest. Were steps taken to address this essentially inevitable disparity?

In any case, the quick response is much appreciated! :smiley:


Stop bucket system. You are poor at adjusting balance. Bucket system has lost unique features of arena. It is frustrating that I have to choose one of strongest cards, although I want all. It is irritating me
that I have to pick a card of bucket 7.

And reset arena after messing with arena. It is unfair to match with previous deck.