Alterac Twitch Drops and Pre-Release Weekend

Twitch Drops

We’ll be hosting category-wide Twitch Drops during Theorycrafting Livestreams on December 2! You’ll earn one Fractured in Alterac Valley pack for watching two hours of any Hearthstone steam, and then another pack for watching another two hours at any time between December 2 at 10 a.m. PT and December 3 at 10 p.m. PT. Make sure that your and Twitch accounts are linked so that you can get your rewards!

Pre-Release Weekend

Scout the battlefield during Pre-Release Weekend from December 3-6. At your private Fireside Gathering, you’ll be able to open your Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs before the expansion officially launches on December 7. In addition to opening your packs early, pre-release will also feature Fireside Brawls that will let you play with the new cards:

  • One Tavern Brawl will let you try out all the new Factured in Alterac Valley deck recipes for free!
  • Another will let you play a crazy deck with any cards you open from your pre-purchases, no matter the class restrictions or how many copies!

Private pre-release Fireside Gatherings can take place the weekend before Fractured in Alterac Valley goes live, from December 3 at 10 a.m. PT to December 6 at 10 a.m. PT.

Head over to to register your one-person event!

In light of the ongoing global health risks associated with in-person gatherings, we’ve canceled official Fireside Gatherings for the near future and disabled the ability to create public events.

We do, however, want individuals at home to have an opportunity to partake in the upcoming Pre-Release weekend, so we’ll be keeping private event functionality intact. Players can register their own one-person event to enjoy opening Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs from December 3-6.

Thank you all, innkeepers and patrons, for understanding.

Private Fireside Gatherings will:

  • Be eligible to receive Nemsy Necrofizzle if they fulfill all hosting prerequisites. This means having an established Tavern - Learn more about how to establish your tavern here.
  • Be eligible for the Fireside Gatherings card back.
  • Allow event listing creation the same day it is meant to be hosted.
  • Have the same Fireside Brawls as public Fireside Gatherings.
  • Be visible on the website only to the innkeeper hosting it. The Fireside Gathering itself will be visible in the game client, and participants will be able to search and find it in the client as well.

Private Fireside Gatherings will NOT:

  • Be visible on Tavern or upcoming event pages.
  • Show up if anyone tries to search for it on the upcoming events page.
  • Count towards any Tavern or Innkeeper progression. They will not count towards establishing your Tavern. You will still need to host public events in the future with at least 3 check-ins in order to establish your Tavern.

oh cool, thanks blizz!

Does this fireside gathering work for the EU?

It does, i always open my 5 packs from montly rewards early.

Does this make nemsy portrait available also?

Thats how i got mine years ago i have no idea if you can still get her like that , some of this skins have a time limit.

Thanks cool i hope i can enter a fireside gathering i dont know how to make my own.

Did this last time and was only given 1 pack instead of 2.

Filed a ticket and had screenshot proof from Twitch that I should be awarded 2 and got a response that clearly indicated they didn’t know what I was talking about.

Just a heads up for people. Make sure you get 2 packs.

Instructions are online. It’s really easy, just make sure you do it at least a few hours before. Honestly, I did it the first time and I didn’t know anything and it worked great.

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You need to redeem the first pack for the 2nd one to start to count.
I saw many others with the same issue that while they did indeed watched multiple hours and days they forgot to redeem the 1st pack.


Then what is the point for allowing to get nemsy, if it needs to be an established tavern wich you cant do cause we cant make public ones? obviously anyone that has an established tavern allready has recieved nemsy…

So when will the streams start today?

I’m not sure, because I received Nemsy last year and my personal FSG was definitely not an established tavern or anything.

Nemsy was handed out to everyone last year due to the pandemic. I never attended any FSG and I have her.

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Yeah, I posted that then reread the article and thought I had deleted my post.

Thank you though for the help!

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Ohhhhhhh yeah, that was why.

Well, nvm then.

You get the Nemsy and the card back if you have the prerequisites that are listed on the Fireside Gathering page.

First time I tried to do a Gathering I had some connection issues between devices, so it took a while to actually make it work and be able to play!

yes that is what i said… but you cant do the prerequisites and anyone that has done those has nemsy allready

Bumping because the theorycrafting streams are now live. Get your packs, people!

Sorry, total noob about Twitch stuff. How do I know if I’m in a place that’s drop-eligible? I don’t suppose there’s any sort of timer that lets me see if I’m making progress?

Go here:

Any stream that says ‘theorycrafting’ and ‘live drops’ will be eligible for drops. Make sure to connect your Blizzard account.

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