22.0 Known Issues

I discovered a bug with Pathmaker in arena. If you cast raven idol, pathmaker will gain the text “Battlecry: Discover a Minion” or “Battlecry: Discover a Spell.” However, when you play pathmaker, it makes the choice for you and you don’t get to discover at all. I understand this is how other cards that recast cards work but pathmaker’s battlecry literally changes to the text of the spell and then doesn’t do it.

Got the golden Alterac Valley bundle, and the golden legendary is Lokholar

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Did you claim the level 1 reward from the Rewards Track?
Do you have all legendary from Fractured in Alterac Valley set?

I didn’t claim the level 1 reward.
But, I know someone who has all the legendary after getting this too.

Wildpaw gnoll increases in cost when a card is returned to your hand by either player. Maestra is also still bugged and disguises you as a Rogue occasionally

It was on the 21.8 Known Issues post, along with a workaround. We don’t repeat known issues that have already been documented in prior Known Issues posts.

Yup, Celeste doesn’t have a sound effect.

Mordresh Fire Eye doesn’t have any sound effect nor animation when played.

Charged Call has downgraded from 7-drop to 6-drop when I played Overdraft

How is the hero pick glitch in Battlegrounds not in the known issues??

Have seen a lot of ppl complaining about this on the EU forum, which strangely doesn’t have a bug report as well as many other features there are on us forum…

This issue has been in the game for well over 2 months now and it’s not even been recognized…

Two month I can’t complete the training in the “Mercenaries” mode, because in the battle with the Hogger I have only two mercenaries available (I did not receive Cariel at all). Please pay attention to this error. I played in EU region, but as far as I know, similar questions should be addressed here.

GM has the latest patch already address mercenary portrait problem or should I wait?

“Adjusts Mercenaries product logic for “random Mercenary”-type products. Previously, if you bought a product of this type while already owning all Mercenaries within that category (such as “Random Epic Mercenary” product when you already had all Epic Mercenaries), you would receive Coins for a random selection from that category. Now, in those situations you will first receive a random missing Portrait from a Mercenary within that category and will only receive Coins if you also have all Portraits for all Mercenaries within that category.“

Yes, that was done in the 12/10 patch.

Also having this issue

So, 5 or 7?

I received non-golden lokholar twice. Where is my second Lokholar ?

Hi I found a glitch worth noting hope it isnt a bug.
When i casted clumsy courier, it casted icebloodtower. I ended my turn.
then iceblood tower casted rune of the archmage and casted evocation.
all the cards should have disappeared after the end of turn but i was able to keep all my cards given by evocation. You could also cast them the next turn although they were in a hollow state. Since your hand was full too due to evocation the next card you draw will be discarded.

I still haven’t received compensation for Vanndar

Glaciate: Discover an 8-Cost minion. Summon and Freeze it.
It wasn’t frozen on the turn after and i lost my arena game.

That’s not a bug but a side effect of how the game works.
At the start of the “end of tuen” phase, the game first checks all the things it needs to do, sorts them in order according to some internal rules, then goes through that list. If Evocation is case during this “end of turn” processing, then “discarding the unused spells” will not make it to the list because the list has already been made.

While it is of course possible to change the coding to add “discarding the unused spells” to the list of things to do when Evocation is cast during end of turn processing, that would either be a weird (and for seasoned players unexpected) exception to the normal rules, or it would have to be done for many cards and effects, which would undoubtedly introduce lots of new weird interactions.

Which minion was that?
If it’s a minion with Charge, or a minion with Rush and there were enemy minions on the board when it was summoned, then it could have attacked immediately if it had not been frozen.
A freeze effect weirs off after a minion misses an attack it otherwise could have made. So for Rush and Charge minions, I would expect Glaciate to prevent the attack the turn it gets summoned and then unfreeze at the end of the turn.