21.8 Known Issues

Mercenaries - Lady Anacondra Task 3: Summon Nightmare Viper 12 times. It is stuck on 11.

I Hope you are going to fix that bug Thank you

On the mobile app (android) , it’s impossible to sort through my wild collection with the filter function. There’s no button or anything to help. Is there anyway this will be resolved in the next patch ?

Hello, im new in this forum
im here because i was playing quest druid to claim the united in stormwind’s chest, but all the atack i was ganied did not count… wath is the solution ? this it’s not the only time that i have see this, in the last expansion the same thing happend with altar o fire and the mission to invoke imps

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Impossible for me to disenchant the 21.8 Patch nerfed cards (Razormane Battleguard, Mage Questline final reward, Garrote) for full dust refund. They appear to be refund for normal value.

I think need to left mention of “Share your pain” achievement bug here.

Please fix the mobile collection issue. It is so insanely annoying. It’s been days, how has this not been resolved yet?

This should be such a simple fix. Some of us pay money to play this game and providing such a poor user experience that using the products we paid for becomes painful should be grounds for a refund.

Yes, I have this problem too

Dragonblood treasure in duels not doing anything

Yes, as listed above, a fix is coming in a future patch.

As stated in the post, the fix is coming in a future patch.

I still can’t connect after downloading fix-patch…

Are Diablo Achievements finally fixed?

The foxy is bugged in mercenaries. She didn’t always get the last hability casted, and I am not talking about the first turn she is played. My last game she gets malfurion hability (cost 1) 2 times in a roll, and the oponent casted others hability after the malfurion.

Yesterday morning Hearthstone on mobile initiated a download, the 2nd in recent days. Following this my phone started crashing in spectacular fashion (glitchy tweaking screen sound getting stuck etc.) and eventually getting stuck in a restarting loop. Even after uninstalling this behavior continued until I eventually got it to stay on long enough to do a factory reset.

After this it behaved normally the rest of the day and this morning. I tried reinstalling hearthstone a few minutes ago. It got stuck a few times during install but eventually made it through. Within minutes after loading it up and beginning a game in Mercenaries the problem happened again. I am going to have to do another factory reset as the phone is unusable in this state.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy A32, system was fully up to date, Hearthstone (and everything else) ran without an issue prior to the latest download.

See, this end-user did more by writing a short comment in 30 seconds to bring us a temporal workaround, than anything these developers and community managers and moderators did in a whole month, that is, absolutely nothing.

Now there is a certainty that there is a correlation between Sphere of Sapience and Zephrys.

When can we see that they solve this bug?.

up for more then 30 turn please, i couldnt kill an anduin with 3 merc alive and 1 bench, he couldnt kill any of mine but i was gonna kill him probably in 4-5 more turn. i dont feel this is what you wanted but 30 turn isnt enough to control match and often to kill anduin

On mobile you used to be able to press a card in your deck in the deck manager with two fingers, and the collection would jump to the page of that card, but I’m not able to do that anymore.

Having an issue in duels. I picked Shaman, and my hero power is that I can’t be overloaded. All it does is allow me to create a deck, and then I have to click multiple times on the done button, and then it goes back to the screen and shows I don’t have a deck other than the card I first picked. It is just the same loop.