21.8 Known Issues

I have the same Problem. Reinstal didn’t work yet. Since the auto-update i can not get passed the tavern doors.

Then there’s another bug im my opinion in the stormwind’s achivementsystem for warrior.
In all acvievements with 3 steps you get 100 XP for the first 2 steps and 500 XP for the last.
In warriors achievement in which u have to attack with pirates u only get 200 XP when u finish the third step.

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Still no fix for the Android problem?

Reinstall didn’t work. The app auto updated during the night…
Would be nice to know if there will be a fix (rollback) anytime soon.


Same issue here, unable to connect after auto update. :+1:

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Yeah, totally misunderstood the Card :flushed:
Anyway thanks for clearing that up!

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I cannot play as my game auto updated.
My only day off to play and now this.

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The issue was fixed some hours ago, so you should be good now if you didn’t already notice. You just need to update once more.

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Confirmed again as of 11/20. Received credit for “Warlock Duelist” instead of “Diablo Duelist”. I’ve heard of others getting credit for “Warrior Duelist”.

The same the game not connect

Mercenaries - Lady Anacondra Task 3: Summon Nightmare Viper 12 times. It is stuck on 11.

I Hope you are going to fix that bug Thank you

On the mobile app (android) , it’s impossible to sort through my wild collection with the filter function. There’s no button or anything to help. Is there anyway this will be resolved in the next patch ?

Hello, im new in this forum
im here because i was playing quest druid to claim the united in stormwind’s chest, but all the atack i was ganied did not count… wath is the solution ? this it’s not the only time that i have see this, in the last expansion the same thing happend with altar o fire and the mission to invoke imps

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Impossible for me to disenchant the 21.8 Patch nerfed cards (Razormane Battleguard, Mage Questline final reward, Garrote) for full dust refund. They appear to be refund for normal value.

I think need to left mention of “Share your pain” achievement bug here.

Please fix the mobile collection issue. It is so insanely annoying. It’s been days, how has this not been resolved yet?

This should be such a simple fix. Some of us pay money to play this game and providing such a poor user experience that using the products we paid for becomes painful should be grounds for a refund.

Yes, I have this problem too

Dragonblood treasure in duels not doing anything

Yes, as listed above, a fix is coming in a future patch.

As stated in the post, the fix is coming in a future patch.