You fixed a Season Title but not ones that have been broken for months?

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There are other titles that have been broken for months? Sounds like some one needs to make a bug report.

What other titles are bugged out of curiosity?

On Eternal pre-S1 i had the title “Necrotic Mystery”

But in both Season 1 & 2, whenever i try to put that title again, it just disappears almost instantly again.

Tho my druid can have like “Ferocious beast” and that does not go away.

Obviously not tried every combination of titles, But still weird that Necrotic mystery disappears off of my necro after a few minutes

i believe people have a post in the bug forum where they are trying to compile a list of bugged titles. i know the suffix Master is on the list and so is Paragon Paragon. dont know about many others