Xbox Bug: Paragon Tooltips Missing

On XBox Series X, the paragon board tooltips are missing about 1/4 the time, meaning a node has to be selected without first knowing what the node is. There isn’t any specific situation that reliably causes the issue – it seems random. Sometimes the problem will self-fix 10 min later; sometimes a log-out & back -in is is needed.


It’s not exclusive to Xbox, I have it on PS5 as well. It’s shocking that the devs can’t even get a feature that’s been in games for decades to work right, but their cash grabbing store works perfectly.

I know it’s been a while… But this bug has been driving me insane, and I may have just found a fix.

I just switched back and forth to glyph mode and back to paragon with RS/R3 about 5-10 times fast, and tool tips came back.

If anyone’s still reading, hope it helps.

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