Wudijo doing Blue Gear only to lvl 100... on hardcore

Guys, can we try not to be jealous about a streamer who had a lot of followers and gets donations all the time in the setting of gear and money.

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How many streamers havent been banned for something? Who is your streamer? It’s easy to find out.

blue gear to 100 is what you do when theres nothing to do in the game


Honestly, this is the way they make a living, so they made judgement calls on what third party program they are using. Turbohud - widely debated topic in D3, I’m sure everyone would have used it if they could but feared being banned for cheating.

But it WAS the standard for the end game community due to blizzard’s lack of policing it. How do you expect streamers not to use such a tool if it’s what everyone at the top used (well almost everyone - there were some “legit” players or so they said). Quite a bit of botting.

Honestly, just wait til we get ladders, that’s when the true tears will start to fall…envy jealousy left and right…

You know… this sounds like a horrible idea lol.
But good luck.

They all used to use TurboHUD. No one has ever been banned for that afaik. People get bans for botting.

TurboHUD is a bannable offense

Yup, that’s the official line…

in reality…d3…lol, it was a weird situation for the devs because some of the most prolific bug finders and mechanics people - theorycrafters used thud to dive into the numbers and understand timings. Before the ladder was even in place, quite a few people helped the devs with this information and/or reported bugs.

So it was a catch 22.

I think they should have greenlisted THUD formally for D3 and been done with it but because of liability to endorse any 3rd party program. - i’m sure their hands were tied So, we were left without any real guidance except for the official toting line you could get banned.

It is but no one has ever been banned for it. see the irony here?

the anti cheat team != dev team

So hard to understand the dynamics behind why thud wasn’t ever really enforced, and if it was we really never knew about it. Most of the people banned with thud were concomitantly botting, so hard to say.

Shroud also did it legitimately and it was quite impressive.

The community manger has done so a lot during and after beta.

I actually think he is a big reason that Rogue has come out consistently in S tier from beta till current day.

That sounds like a fun challenge :smiley:

It wasn’t an exploit, it was blizzard being unable to design their game.

All he did was stack ice shards aspects and stagger the boss. It’s blizzards poor design, not an exploit lol.

Why would they ban him.


He may have. But then again, everyone and their brother was openly playing with TurboHud in Diablo 3 at the time and some still are. I didn’t. I don’t trust putting mods on my computer, too many viruses back in the day not to mention “Rick Roll” links that still give me pause when opening links in people’s posts.

Point is, if he did it, so was half the playerbase and him getting publicly banned let everyone know that it’s not okay, since Blizzard was always wishy washy about their stance on it. In fact, the post they made about Diablo 4 is the plainest they’ve ever been on the subject of TurboHud.

What a wuss, if he was really hard core he wouldn’t wear any gear and use a wand only.

Its basically the reverse.
Some players really like to find the limits of their builds or mechanical skills related to a game.
Why do something? Because its fun or challenging.

he didnt even use nightmare dungeon reset method

while 90% of player base use it

Arent all his videos mostly d3 and d4? I have no idea how someone can have so much drive to play these games for years for so many hours a day

Isnt this the same for those playing FIFA, CoD, BFxxxx, or some strange MMO games?