WTF is up with duriel drop rate

Math question - if you do 100 runs and the drop rate is 2% how many ubers should I get in those 100 runs? Now take that number of runs and cut it in half. - so 50 runs Cut the drop rate in half as well. How many ubers in 50 runs?

The answer is RNG it’s 2% no matter how many runs you do. It’s 2% each time you go in.

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Thats not how RNG works. S3 im about 100-150 and have 4 ubers :person_shrugging: they are all sitting in my stash cause I dont need them.

It’s a janky system. There’s literally no other carrot in the “end game” now besides Ubers. There’s no challenge in getting the mats, just time sink. It’s almost like Blizzard is trying to encourage players to RMT mats. Maybe they got a deal worked out with the Chinese?

Either way, it doesn’t make for compelling game play.

I’d prefer more challenging content to equal better drops. That’s not what we have. We have RNG/gambling. I can generally 1-3 shot Duriel, depending on how things line up. No challenge there, just rinse and repeat.

It’s why I stop playing when I feel loot capped, meaning I can’t reasonably expect to improve my character’s gear without and extraordinary time sink being involved. That’s just not fun.


Nm 90+ guaranteed 925 items. They cant bring challenge into the game. Look what happened with AoZ.

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NM 90+, Malphas, Duriel… 925 drops. All trash 99.99% of the time.

AOZ was the same. I only got as far as 15 on that, but never got a single upgrade out of AOZ.

That’s how regular uniques felt in s0. I liked it better.

Tbf when you were in AoZ you were likely maxed. You do get to a point where getting upgrades means getting perfectly rolled items so its winning a jackpot.

You do get to a point where you are min/maxed and it may not be worth it to continue chasing that perfect item. Its when I start an alt.

Duriel Uber drop rate is 2%. Nothing has changed. 1 in 50 runs on average.

To me that’s the issue with the end game. There’s a bad ratio for challenge to reward. I have pieces on my current toon that I picked up mid 80s and still haven’t replaced. Rolled all four stats for my meta and even though the item level isn’t 925 I have yet to see better. I see that as a problem when item level really doesn’t mean anything. Other than the break points it’s a useless indicator, when in reality it should scale stat rolls or something to make it actually useful. Instead of me having an 830 item with all four stats I want and mediocre rolls and it still being better than a 925 with all four stats and worse rolls.


I don’t mind the actual grind of duriel and the drop rates are about right. I absolutely abhor having to farm crappy bosses with no decent gear to get to duriel. I don’t think I’ve even had a shard drop this season and I don’t want to farm for them. Blizzard could make this season much better by letting you buy duriel mats with shattered stone.

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agreed 100% , the drop rate sucks, ive read people doing 1000 runs and nothing…personally, ive done 350+ in total all the seasons, 1 shako… love the game, hate the drops…really

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I think 8.25 hours is a gross understatement, definitely for casuals. I would wager that most casuals are only picking up 2 living steel chests per helltide; they’re not swapping in 2 alts to pick up another 4 chests. Right there, that’s 12 hours of helltides to get 24 steel, not 6.

Also, eggs aren’t some magical thing that shows up in your inventory. I mean, you have some passive Varshan mats from leveling and maybe you get lucky with some Whispers in your helltide, but these take a fair bit of farming as well. To add zero time in for egg gathering is totally disingenuous.

Quite frankly, I would just double the helltide time, so now we’re at 24 hours plus your boss time. I’d say for most players to run Duriel 50 times, it would be more like 20-25 hours of investment.


Common belief is the Uber drop rate is around 2% from Duriel, but that’s low enough where you can get bad luck. I’m debating on taking a leaf from the zoomers’ book and pondering what flavour of Tide Pod to consume after something like 130 Duriels in a row with no drop. That amount of grinding only to have squat to show for it is soul-crushing.


That is speculation. Nowhere has that been confirmed

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You know what increased instead, the uber hate for those who report any complaint about this game.

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Clown, its in the datamined code of the game.

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To my understanding, Duriel’s drop table hasn’t actually been datamined, and the 2% number comes from people recording their drops and runs. As the sample size increased, they found it was around 1 Uber per 50 kills.

Who you calling clown? Show me written proof or keep your uniformed insults to yourself. Did your parents not teach you any manners?

the stats man…well how this for stats Emo’s , after posting this i got the sig amulet and 10 runs after that the grandfather , i already had doombringer and harliquin so i guess the sweaky wheel gets oiled!!! enjoy children