WTF is up with duriel drop rate

So how has duriel changed? done over 50 duriel runs have gotten 3 double drops every time 2 ancestral uniques no ubers , surely the double drop is rare enough i should not be getting rubbish when i am fortunate enough to get a 2x drop i would expext a uber. In the real world people have a Lives and cant spend 4 days farming mats for nothing but rubbish,


Unpopular opinion here but I kinda like when there are a few really hard to get items they feel special when they drop.

Even without Ubers equipped we still delete everything Ubers are just a fun cherry on top if your ever lucky to get 1


When did they say Duriel changed? Only 50 runs you shouldn’t be expecting an uber since it’s only 2% drop rate.


try reading patch notes i have done way more than 50 runs this wipe , we all dont liveat home with mom, and they make changes so we can scap ones we dont need LOL how many runs do u need to do to get 5 uber to scap???


Nevermind folks. Have fun

If you did 50 runs thats about 12 rotas (24 eggs/24 shards)

120 steel only getting 275 chest with bad luck and no additional drops thats 24 chests. 2 chests per 15 min = 6 hour and passivly getting egg mats.

Bosses are 1-2 min fights with 48 to get 24 eggs/shards so we will round to 1 hour.

It takes 1.5 min per duriel

So your min time investment was: 6 + 1 + 1.25 = 8.25 hours of gameplay. Average out 4 days thats 2 hours a day so i find acceptable. Some people dont like playing arpgs and thats ok.

All ubers (GF for barb is the exception) are not “needed items” its more FOMO.


Are you sure you don’t live at home with your mom? You certainly type like you do.

Also, the patch notes specifically say they increased Uber drop chance everywhere EXCEPT DURIEL.


Not as unpopular as you might think. There’s roughly the same amount of people who agree with as there are that disagree with you. I agree with you btw.

People will always want more. I feel the same way, I by no means need an Uber unique for any of my builds, sure it’d be nice to have, but I wouldn’t say they would help me kill any quicker then I already do. Now if we had more content to sink our teeth into that might be a different story.


Then play candy crush instead


Ok so plz don’t get upset I’m not trying to be combative but why do you need them so badly is it really going to make your play through better?

I used to love playing d2 SSF and trying to get zod runes to drop felt way more punishing. But then 1 would drop and it felt like I won the lottery. Different perspective I guess

I’ve read the patch notes why do you think I asked when they changed duriel! I think maybe you should go read them and then come back to me. So again I ask When did they say they changed duriel?

Well , go play Real World Life then.

Or … any other instant gratification game.


Nothing changed, it is rng, you have 98% chance to get nothing everytime you kill him.

I was lucky and could dress 2 toons with 9 uber uniques in 240 runs.

*Edit: noone cares about your real life, games are not made to fit your schedual, if you ate too casual to play d4 there is last epoch for you.

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that’s precisely why, since i don’t have much time to play , that i won’t be acting like a kid feeling entitled to get everything that i want and i’ll simply play without uber.

i know i can’t play as much as when i was in middle school.
regular unique are already good as they are.

just play as much as you want and you can allow you to.
uber unique aren’t mandatory.


They failed at providing us with an endgame, so farming ubers is really the only thing to do.
The worst thing you could do is set up a situation where something is insanely rare, but not really all that great. Players will acquire it and then realize they weren’t missing out on anything, and that player never comes back again.

Which is exactly what d4 does right now.

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im doing about 80-100 rota, got 2 andy, and selig, my class are sorc, often see double uniq drop, but both are just regular drop. its pain. im not sure if this my acc issue or class issue or mechanic issue or just bad RNG. my friend do 40 rota with me got more variant uber unique (barb class) he got 3 same run with me.
now he complete all the uber uniq, while me got stuck with 2 andy and selig, got more 10 rota, after that im done gonna play other game, its painfull to farm mindlesy. and farming duriel mats are no rewarding.
crafting need 5. it doesnt make any sense, 320-400 runs just got 3. and i have to salvage all of them which is hardwork for 1.

Mats-wise, instead of buffing the lower body part drop rates (the ones you get less of), they decrease the drops for the more frequent, so now I get everything but hearts. This multi-layer grind for ubers is the antithesis of fun.

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Only those who don’t have a life or goals to pursue in the real world would spend precious hours of their lives farming materials to end getting NOTHING after all that effort.
You all should give more worth to your time.
I stopped playing DURIEL CASINO since season 2… smart decision.


every game has a collection. only d4 does not have it. haha. failure design

Their mom and I are super tight. Haven’t seem them around the house.

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