Why farming Duriel?

Yeah as silly as it may sound.

I´ve been off from D4 a while and now thinkiong to return. Just checked the forum to see if there is anything new and i found a lot of post saying “how bad is to farm duriel once and again” and that the endgame content is just “farm Duriel”.

Why? Is there any specific item/s droping only from Duriel?

What is it?


2/10 troll thread honestly you didn’t even commit

Better luck next time cheers

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Im actually being serious.

It may be something really weird if the first reply is something like this.

Nothing to see here folks move along

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Is it really something that weird to ask about it?

Lol someone tell me whats going on with Duriel farming, please. Now im even more puzzled.

Already muted this thread so i dont see it.


Whats wrong with you guys?

Is it really a so troll question? or am I being trolled? am I missing something?

I’ll take the bait.

Assuming you aren’t trolling, the Uber bosses can be target farmed for specific uniques. Uber Duriel can be farmed for a higher chance to get Uber Uniques. It’s not a high chance mind you, but a higher chance than finding them in the outside world.

People complain because they feel they need a super rare item handed to them on a silver platter to have some sort of fulfillment. Hilarious part is they can complete all the content in the game without these items, and have probably done so 50 times over. So once they get the awesome item they want, they’ll spend at most a couple of days using it, then stop playing.

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I guess it wasn´t that bad of a question, as it had a proper and reasonable answer. I was starting to think I was missing something.

TBH, idk wich the uber bosses are, nor that there were “uber unique” items (I mean, i just got the “orange” and some “brown” items)

I may look at google wich those uber bosses are, since asking for certain stuff is considered trolling.

I assume there is 0 chance of getting uber uniques outside uber bosses?

Mind you, some players like me may be more casual and not be aware of latest update or trending stuff. By checking the forum I could easily see “farming Duriel” was a thing, and could guess it was about drop, but nothing else.

I didn´t even know there were enemies labeled as “Uber Bosses” -Just checked right now on google, and aside Duriel I don´t know who the others are.

Anyway, thanks for replying. You did not take any bait, really. I was legit asking. Im not even sure how or why would anyone “troll” by asking that. Guess it may be a truly salty topic.

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There’s a few guides out there for the Uber Bosses and what they drop, Maxroll has a decent guide. There’s requirements of course, you need to farm materials in order to spawn them first. Just google “Maxroll Uber Boss Loot” should be the first link. It’ll tell you the name of the boss, what materials are required to summon them, and the loot associated with them.

Each boss has their own set of uniques they can drop, which is nice when you want to target farm for specific items. Uber Duriel however not only has specific uniques, he can drop Uber Uniques (with maxed out rolls), along with always dropping ilevel 925 gear (the highest ilevel you can get) on top of that. So he is highly sought after to go farm. He requires items you obtain from defeating 2 of the other Uber Bosses though, so people will farm those 2 bosses first, get the materials, then go fight Uber Duriel.

I personally farm Uber Duriel for the 925 upgrades, and maybe a specific unique here or there. I never farm him for Uber Uniques though as that would burn me out. Oh sure you can get lucky and get an Uber Unique within the first 10 times you fight him, but as you’ll notice it’s not uncommon to fight him 200+ times and not get any uber uniques to drop.

It’s not 0, but it’s extremely rare. They recently buffed it though, so you no longer need 50 life times to find one in the open world, maybe just 40 life times.

We get a lot of complainers about Duriel farming from posters as you’ve seen on the forums, so when some one asks about what the big deal is behind Uber Duriel, we assume the person asking already knows and is just looking to start controversy. That’s mostly why you were met with hostility at first.

Phew, i see.

Well somehow now im glad i found something else to do after leveling up.

Guess i´ll experience what people is complaining “soon”, if I don´t get bored first.

Thanks a lot.

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Waiting for you complaints about this “something else to do after leveling up” in the nera future. It is awful. Game is fun while leveling, but terrible boring after that


Just a heads up it’s much more efficient to go with groups. However, they made it so when you kill a boss, only the person who summoned the boss, will get the materials to summon Uber Duriel (normal loot drops for everyone though). The two bosses that drop materials for Uber Duriel are Varshan and Grigoire. So if you want the summoning materials yourself make sure to be the one to summon those.

For Uber Duriel people form rotating groups, or rota groups as they call it in the trade channel. Which means when you go in, some one will use their materials to summon Duriel, kill him, reset the instance, go back in and the next party member will summon him, rinse repeat until everyone is out of materials, or you just stop.

Be careful of these though, as you can get scammed out of using your materials. Never trade the party leader the summoning materials, always keep them on yourself. When it’s your turn to summon just do so. If any party leader requires you to trade them your mats first, leave the group.

Also yes, you can trade the summoning materials between players, you’ll usually see people in trade chat selling/buying materials. There are duped materials rolling around though, so just be careful if you buy materials.

Here. Read up on these Bosses.
Who they are, where they are and what they drop.

Maxroll is better for it and the Beast in the Ice loot table has expanded this Season.

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Duriel needs a forum account, would love to see the replies.


if he did, alot of his replies would be toxic, he would use his poise on us.

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There is nothing better to do. You do some boring farming for many hours on end in hopes that some trophy item drops from Duriel. An item you don’t even need in order to beat all content in the game. I don’t get it either :slight_smile:

I usually can muster around 50 Duriel runs per season before I’m so bored out of my mind that I quit the game (about a month into a season) until next season.
But I don’t do these runs because I need the items.

The lack of end game content in D4 is getting really frustrating at this point. If season #4 does not add additional end game content to keep us playing the full season, then I think perhaps it’s time to call it done with this game and move on.

Still, it was worth the time/money I spend on it so far, it kept me entertained for a bit. No regrets.

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