Why do I have to jump for casting Caltrops?

The air time is so slow and the backward moving is so unhelpful.

I can’t count that how many times I jumped into an instant kill trap that suddenly spawns from nowhere.

It’s not cool, not useful, no Invincibility frames, what exactly is the point of the jumping thing?


I don’t use the skill for this very reason.


It should be a quick animation where the Rogue spins in place and throws caltrops in a 360-degree circle.


They made Caltrops so OP now too, yet won’t fix the animation


Animation looks nice to me. Hope they dont “fix” it.

Give us the option to toggle the backflip off or on.


I find it a very good mobility tool to be honest. It allows quick disengagement if used correctly and it looks very nice IMHO but I can see why some people would prefer not to jump backwards.

Skill issue.

This. +1. Skill is very useful as is, it is meant to let you disengage a bit while slowing things chasing you for even more disengage ability.

The point isn’t “place on ground to increase your damage” that’s a secondary effect and if that’s all you want there are other ways to do it. Psn or death trap or grenades are traps aspect.

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I usually get my 3 combo points, dash in to activate marksman bonus, lay caltrops as soon as dash ends, then rapid fire.

It only means you lack attack speed. AtkSpd is a very important stat for rogues. It’s best to get Accelerating Aspect and AtkSpd affix in your gloves, rings, and amulet.

The skill is amazing for getting out of heated engaged in higher lvl fights. Idk what you’re doing, but that ain’t how to use it lol

“higher lvl” huh

How high is it? Say it.