Where is the Option for Shared World (ON/OFF)?

They say they listen to the feedback but I don’t get anything out of it, the class adjustments were just garbage and the rest was only edited so far that they can say they changed something…

WHY do you hate your solo PLAYERS??? Why are we being pulled to play with others?

I really like D4 but this shared world will take a lot of fun out of the game…

Too bad Blizzard once stood for what ((At that time good games and closeness to the community) (Today only as a money machine))


I don’t know if you played beta and server slam but considering large number of players and open world,you barely see anyone. I think that they did it so that you don’t see ALL player near you but only some of them.
As a result,you barely see anyone while outside of town.


Op is overreacting, you dont engage with that many. Dont be afraid of a shared open world. Its smaller than you think.

The game NEEDS to evolve, and this is a good direction instead of more of the same old.


Funny, the overwhelming feedback from the community is that they love the shared world and world boss ideas borrowed from larger scale MMO open worlds so naturally the devs have doubled down on this idea of the world feeling ‘alive’.

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yer basically utterly wrong in every way possible

Basically you ONLY see people in towns… Occasionally during the group activities outside of towns… and during Group boss fights… so basically ONLY the places you want to see someone else. You can live with these… and Boss fights you can TP back to town and back till you find no people if you really want to solo a world boss… (people did it during the Beta’s)

You will NOT see players while questing, General farming, Dungeons basically everything thats solo

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Remember when they said you will only see some people running around and not interfere with your gameplay? Well now you have literal MMO style players farming out your content in front of your eyes kek


A complete exageration. The number of people per shard is super limited. Nothing but hyperbole from you one should not take seriously at all.

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Well it might be due to the fact that everyone was tied to the same region but there are literally groups on your server farming spots and you can’t do anything about it other than running behind them and collection the loot and trying to do some damage as well

Also bro trying to ignore the point that blizzard said it’s only visual

just disable crossplay and you’ll immediately be almost always alone. except in town and sometime at some event, usually 12 persons (max limit per zone) aren’t remotely enough to “be there and do right that” whatever you are doing anywhere on the map.

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Listening to feedback is not a guarantee your issue will be resolved. However, you issue is one that tou have to deal with because the shared world is a core pillar to D4. As stated above, you are overreacting as tour interactions with otthers is very limited.

Campaign with crossolay or not is private outside of towns and shared events. Even psot campaign, you rarely come across another olayer outside of those situations.

I didn’t mind doing events with random people, some of them even invited me into their group temporarily, until we went our separate ways.
They literally cannot do anything to you, except kill all the monsters for you, you still get your loot.

That option doesn’t exist… stop the pity party, no one hates y’all, that’s just not what D4 is about… get over it. You can still play all by yourself all the time, never have to group with anyone ever.

Its right there after you refund. That turns it off.
If you want to turn it back on, you have to buy the game again.

This has been addressed. This will never happen.

I think the shared world is limited to 12 people max (1 is you, so +11). In a complete map, that is wide, in theory the encounters should be limited.

I admit that this disturbed me in beta/slam, but I think it can be managed. It is possible that in betas with only a small portion of map and 12 players on it, I noted much more encounters than expected.

I wonder the real reasons that pushes the Devs to make this design. It is not full mmo, nor solo. I am imagining that it is (also) a strategy to reduce by 12 the instances that the servers must manage, so in this way uses servers power and resources in a more efficient way.
It is funny to note that, will full parties of 4, only 3 parties can be in one instance. One group meeting another could be funny.

I’m not fun of shared world in D4 (if it was me, I only made shared areas at wold bosses location), but I am open to reconsider my opinion after at least a full play trough.

Only for love of discussion, and maybe as feedback for devs, here a list of (some) situations in which I felt disturbed.

  • rushing people during local events. I one case I was also in difficulty and they helped me, but I was learning how use my build, so the help was not desired.

  • a crowd standing in stash room

  • other people talking with quest giver arm to arm with me like 2 lovers

  • enter (alone) in (my) town portal, and exit from a town portal in town followed by other 11 players lol… (It happened after ashava fight), with also a peak of lag…

Maybe finding a way to just reduce this situations could address a lot of “crow perception” by many players

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You share the world you live in.

Where is the option for Shared World (on/off) in real-life?

The game is simply more realistic, when in a world of demons, many fight the demons.

Some people keep saying “but there is only 12 people in a big area, you’ll barely see anyone”.
Have you guys thought about Helltide areas?

Some people says “this is an evolution”. No, it’s not. It’s a different type of game.

Some people says “but the world feels alive”. So what? Are you going to enjoy more the game if you see 200 people in town instead of 2? Maybe you do, but some people don’t. Why force them? What do you gain by forcing others?

I think that the key thing is, if they want the most players to come back every season and to buy the expansions, they should make most people happy.

Some people likes the current shared world.
Some people wants to meet even more people in the shared world.
Some people doesn´t want to meet random people in the shared world.
Some people doesn’t care.

Why can’t everybody be happy? Just adding an option to choose between none/average/many.
This should only apply to the world, not to the world bosses or the pvp zones.


Ok then, why not have the option drop the number of people you engage with to zero?


this particular option does not exist no.
But blizz has seemed to very much consider the preferences of the solo player. Even going as far as to crediting the limited amount of players you will see out in the wild to not wanting things to feel crowded.
As others have said in this thread you are going to be alone in a lot of the game, especially the important parts that convey lore and story.

This close to release I personally think you should just appreciate the measures they took for solo and deal with it, and if you cannot you have the power to not participate in the game, which to me sounds so much worse of a option.

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