What happened with the level scaling of the game?

The game has the worst level scaling, after lvl 50 the game feels like walk in the park ,you can kill 30 enemies in 3 seconds even on world tier 3.Theres no point in playing it after you get lvl 50 or even lvl 30.The game is super fun and challenging to play in the first 10 lvls and after that it becomes less and less chalenging and after lvl 30 or something the challenge is completely gone i mean i beat the Butcher at lvl 45 twice with my eyes closed.The game is super easy so blizzard fix the scalling i like the game btw i don’t hate the game it’s just super easy at the higher levels fix the scaling and also the powering of the items and it will be a perfect game or at least great since there’s nothing perfect.


Players complained that it was too difficult. Blizzard nerfed it.


Pretty much. Game plays like a casual mobile game in terms of difficulty. Still fun but preseason was the best in terms of difficulty imo.


So you wanna say that the game was already easy but now they made it super easy ok then i guess im gonna nerf my build to lvl 5 and make things hard again lol

Just do NMD 100 at lvl 70 if it’s too easy.

Find the challenge by your own way.


I remember when Helltides used to be a threat. Players dying all the time in the chat. Now? I maybe see one in an entire event, and it’s probably a super low level player.


Working as intended.

Stop playing the kid’s difficulty content. Come with us where the big boys are.

Have you tried Sacred Nightmare 20 dungeons?

At level 55, try Fallen Temple with Capstone Elias.

Once you are on WT4, continue with dungeons… Ancestral Nightmare Dungeons 21 to 100.

Open World difficulty is made accessible to all. Nightmare dungeons is where the fun is.

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I remeber playing the alpha nov 2022. Helltides were super scary haha… now when I see the messages X player died i giggle a little.

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Probably looking at the map.

I see players die in Helltides still, not everyone is geared well. I am guessing these are the people for whom they adjusted the open world.

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Open world should be more challenging but people cried and blizz changed it. Worst change out of all imo, if the people in that camp can’t see they issues with whining so early i don’t know how to make them see, now in season 3 imagine all the tension and challenge with construct in the open world and doing them during a hell tide. For challenge seeks this is obvious what could have been.

Hope to see it return as the game grows and builds, Can’t fault them as they needed to damage control and game had early release issues amplified by the fact we have the internet and all that crap to thank for it.

At least well for me anyways, i still can find challenge pushing wt early and doing these events early, or using low gear to save on mats, so kind of self nerfing can still give me early game - mid game challenge.

Mindless farming wt4 events, with my built 100 feels not the best, its fun but it will get old, just like rifts did in d3,(at least in D4 its more interesting) if it wasn’t for n/m i would stop playing sooner. So the Devs that get ridiculed actually had a vision and answer to this problem, and i still hope they can find away to give both player types what they seek.

I want content where i feel power and smoosh monsters, but i want loops to be at least hairy and on me toes at times, which is how i imagine constructs could have been.
It is what it is , and some that is what diablo is now and D4 wants to be inclusive so they made a choice, which is probably the fairer choice for right now. Certainly would have enjoyed it more brutal haha :smiley:

May I interest you in a solution? If you like it, give it thumbs up and leave a comment. Oh, God, I sound like a youtuber.

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It would be nice, but I’m guessing it’s not that easy or we’d already have the option.

Sure it is. For what its worth, enemies already appear as different levels to different players. If I am LVL 40 and you are LVL 20, the same enemy will appear close to the Player Level depending on content, so the mechanic to handle this is already in place.

For whatever reason, Blizzard just decided player control over scaling shouls be relegated to Nightmare Dungeons only which does nothing but shrink their game considerably. When Duriel is the only thing that reliably drops BiS, what is the point to run any other content? Now your HUGE game is a SMALL game. Dumbest idea ever.

Blizzard likea to tout they have “over 100 dungeons” in the game and a large Open World but if there isn’t a reason to ever go in them, it is a waste of resources. Even Nightmare Dungeons are stupid because they rotate a very small sub-set of Dungeons around that are available. Why is that? They literally creates all these Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons complete defeat the purpose of ever setting foot into a regular Dungeon unless you need the Aspect in your Codex.

Open World? Lol. Where is Hell Tides and Whispering Tree stuff. Oh? There are other Towns and Renown missions, and parts of the map? Why exactly?


I’m well aware of that, but that doesn’t mean it’s trivial to do it in the overworld. Why can’t low level characters survive in the nmd’s when they are carried? There must be a limit to how the scaling works when vastly different leveled characters are together.

Uh, NMD sets enemy level to a static level which is why low level characters die when being carried.

Level scaling already happens Overworld and there is already huge gaps in Player Level. Because the enemies stop scaling, this is why particularly LVL 100 characters steamroll everything and your fresh WT4 at 60 or whatever is struggling.

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Or it’s a high level player not paying attention to the environmental effects going on… because crazy meteor sorcs, charge/hota barbs and pulverise druids are going nuts and you can’t see chit what’s going on!

I stopped dying in Hell Tides at 65 almost being AFK. As soon as you get Resists on gear it becomes a joke. I typically enter WT4 around 55-60 soloing the Capstone. It is actually quite fun in Hell Tides for a few hours before you get Ancestral gear and level up a little.


Blizzard are making the game for blasters. If one cast doesn’t clear an entire screen that’s not blasting gameplay, and they complain about being slowed down.

Ive never seen casuals complain the game is too hard. Noone has complained diablo 4 is too hard apart from endgamers with uber lilith.


You weren’t paying attention. In fact, you can still search for it on these forums.