What exactly is the drop rate for stygian stones?

I have been farming T95 pit for quite a while now, i didnt get a single drop so far.

Every single stone I got so far were from the iron wolf cache, are you seriously making me farm stygian stone from leveling alt instead of playing end game content…?

This is some trash tier game design if that was your intention, otherwise it is a terrible oversight that needs some fixing (boost the drop rate please)


Droprate does feel too low. You can spam pits for hours on end and only see 1 or 2 lol. I’ve nearly masterworked all my gear to 12/12 with probably ~25 resets while at tier 8, due to not getting the 2nd crit I want (getting items masterworked to tier 8 is relatively cheap, it’s going from 8 to 12 that is kinda pricey), and I’ve still probably only seen less than 10 drop in the pit the entire time. They don’t need to be raining like candy but an increase definitely should happen.

I’m hopeful that the drop rate will be buffed/fixed soon. I have had more uber uniques drop than stones and I’ve been grinding the pit 80+ for days

I wouldn’t mind them raining like candy, I don’t want to feel forced to do tormented boss rotations just because I don’t have enough stones

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honestly i dont even see it as a problem if they are raining like candy

these are just a key to access level 200 bosses, why even gate keep them? make me spend obols or whatever if you want it to be another grind, id prefer not but it is better than this low drop rate.


Agree. The drop rate is just a joke. This is a big issue and should be fixed ASAP. They add those 200 lv bosses and don’t give the keys to the players, then why add them?


They need to rename them to stingy stones. I got 4 in one day one time and thought oh they must have fixed the drop rate. That was like Tuesday or Wednesday. I think I’ve had one drop since then.

Edit: the secret is complaining. Right after I posted that one dropped lol


Might be faster and easier making new characters and farming the iron wolves rep. Atleast youll get uber unique shards too lol

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seems/feels like they don’t exist outside of guaranteed rewards tbh
like i know they do exist, but it feels like they never drop
kinda wild when it’s more time efficient to grind out newly made characters in helltide for the iron wolves cache than it is to do actual content

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yeah i know…

it gives you a good amount of every crafting / bossing mats, gives you 1/4 of a uber unique OF YOUR CHOICE, gives you multiple tickets to fight tormented bosses, all in one package…

kind of ridiculous how good it is, i am all for it to kick start your diablo career but jesus christ this shouldnt be the best way to gain those materials

the drop rate really needs some tweaking this is just ridiculous right now lol

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idk i got smth like 10 saturday while farming pit90 , dropped a few on world boss too.

i’d say it’s 5-10% chance in pit ?

i also get some extra sometimes because i often powerlevel my friend in pit80

the stones are said to drop deep in the pit.

my guess is that in ptr, near pit 200 was considered deep internally in the code. now that they’ve buffed enemies hp and damage considerably, players are stuck around pit 100 which is not deep like 200. maybe this is why the stones don’t drop coz we’re just mid-way.

meaning their code about the notion of “deep” may not have changed accordingly per the buff of enemy hp and damage.


they do feel for sure a little too rare. so far i got 5 i think out of the pit, first one at t48 (i remember that one because it was so early) and the others on higher tiers (like 70-90).

from world bosses i received 3.

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This Season - Uber Unique drop : 1 ; Stygian Stone Drop : 0 …something aint right with that drop rate…

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Actually i got one off world boss and a spark not sure if those are supposed to drop

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I’ve got a few, 17 or so, spent 4. So had ~21 at one point. I think the drop rate is like 1 in 20 or so pit runs. I’ve heard it is around 2%.

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I’ve done about 50 to 60 pit runs. I do 60 to 75 pit. I got 1 to drop. Seems like the drop rate is on par with uber uniques dropping. And then you need 2 to summon the lvl 200 bosses, and then you get nothing but garbage from those bosses, so what is the point?

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I agree with you guys! Maybe they fix that in a next season. Like “We hear all of you guys, and we change it for you…”. Or maybe it could take three seasons for them to notice XD

Im on necro golem, my top pit was 112 (rn i barelly can pass tier 105/106 idk What they did to my golem) i rush hundreds of pits looking for stygian stones only to get 2 of them, the uber drops seems ridiculous too, ive done +70 uber bosses and a lot of regular duriel/andariel and get nothing, i deleted my char waiting for s5

As a casual player, it’s impossible to enjoy endgame content with these drop rates.
It clearly needs a fix.

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