We get a Clown Costume now?

I just saw the Herald of Pestilence Necromancer costume in the store. We’re getting clown costumes now?

It’s Harley Quinn mixed with A Plague Tale.


I’m just waiting for an emote where I can do Badger calisthenics on headstones.

Clown costume for clown balance of minions…theme is fitting.


Next week we get a Bozo style outfit lol.

I thought they gave everyone free clown costumes for season 1 battlepass? Guess people wanted more clown suits to spend money on tee hee.

The one that looks like a bloody doll? I actually thought it was pretty creepy/cool like something out of a horror movie. Wouldn’t buy it or much of anything at those prices but I can appreciate it.


I thought it was a doll not a clown, seeing necro plays with puppets… the cosmetic is cool but real life clothes cost less…


I liked it too.

On first sight i thought the new rogue outfit is very ugly. But deattach the (i hate to say it every time): THE SKIRT and only use the chest piece. It looks a bit like skinned flesh. And theres always the option to recolor. Now imagine we had a black color.

I “would” instantly buy this set only to have the chest piece. But Skirts attached to top piece nono NONO nono NONO theres no li… erm way… lalalala

HA! I just appreciate that this is a thing for you in your life, to be worked up over. Please enjoy the moment. Life has MUCH more in store for you.

Maybe its a mistake they put the Psycho-Alice Outfit in the Necromancer Tab.

Could be rogues Trickster Outfit. I like the focus a lot. Maybe i can lick it a bit. :speak_no_evil:

As a kid, clowns scared the carp out of me, apparently as a baby I would scream if I saw one.

I think a messed up bloodied torn clown costume would look amazing, and super spooky.

Comes with additional make up options for your toon including a red nose.


it would fit perfectly with your post here.

new necro skin meets Microsoft ai


pixelated version


For those who bought the most expensive version of the game?

This thread is moot.
Until your outfits come close to the …. Awesome Druid skins you have 0 rights at complaining.

It looks bad and I hate it. I call it the nasty dollface skin.

Yeah it’s just so difficult to put any armor or skins on my Druid (Goldilocks) without her just looking like a lump of metal, wood, bones, forest undergrowth, or something a whale threw up :face_vomiting:

The d4 team is keeping it dark. This IS NOT D3!

Clowns are SPOOKY!!