Wb loot ip down

How come world bosses dont drop any 925 ip gear anymore on tier 4? That was the best reason to go.

Because they are way too easy for the level of loot they used to drop… However… the loot formula is changing on May 14th and any mobs level 95+ will now always drop 925 itempower items. Welcome to easier than ever game mode. yawn

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Easyer or not. The duriel farming is already ridiculous. They said they buffed uber drops but looks like that was only for seasonal realms. I am getting tired of the uber duriel grind. Sure i dont need an uber because with current build i can solo him (as a pulverizd druid) but it would be funny to use the uber weapon or some other ubers. Its mount is also welcome.

Other then duriel i am really happy with my rng. Today i got the crone from vampire boss. So i dont have to go back there for a long time. Yesterday i got the pants from the ice beast. So also nice. And some nice mount trophy from an world event.