Victimize + melee Core Skill

Someone have tried this kind of build?
At the end of this season, when i have finished my goals, i would try twisting blade + victimize…

Lucky hit chance and the way it works with TB will be the biggest obstacle and won’t allow this build to work, unfortunately.

In theory, id argue you can play the cureent Victimize with any skill that has Double Cast. Will it be weaker than primary variants like Heartseeker or Pen Shot? Yeah but can you get to 100-105 Pit with them, I personally believe so.

TB does not have double cast and does has a LHC below 50%, so its not an ideal at all for Victimize.

I do blade shift and flurry, flurry has low lucky hit % and the way victimize works is it works best with high attack speed and lucky hit% on a basic skill. It might be okay with twisting blades but would benefit with a basic skill to supplement especially with the aspects

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