User manual Diablo 4

I have an angle here. But I have never traded or need to. I play solo.

I want an Arreat Summit style website. And I want them to use the in game system to communicate. A chat system that can send out blue text information that people need to see. Get it done Blizzard get off the pot.

And communicate what, exactly?

“Hey, there, we see you doing something shady. Knock it off”

The person doing shady stuff already knows they are up to no good.

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TO ALL “Hey, we have a game flaw we do not want anyone using. We don’t want to ban you if you come across it” Dont trade with anyone else either

By far the most confusing post ever.

Arreat Summit is for guides and basic information. It was made a long time ago by a completely different company, Blizzard North, they are no longer around, none of the original developers or programmers are around. The name “Blizzard” is the only thing that stuck around, and they didn’t bother making a website for Diablo 3, or Diablo Immortal, so they aren’t making one for Diablo 4.

What you want is an in-game wiki found in other games. It also sounds like you want a warning for suspected activity to pop up for players. Being a solo player I can understand the former, but not the latter.

It wasn’t a game ‘flaw’. It wasn’t something that a player ‘OOPSed’ their way into, like the Shako helms dropping. That was an oversight on their part. This was something that required a player doing specific tasks, in a specific order, and timing to accomplish.

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If you are worried about being banned, I got a tip for you.

Don’t exploit obvious bugs.

You’re welcome.

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Another person perfectly fine with throwing away decades of work and style of doing things. Perfectly fine with throwing the baby out with the bath water. O there gone well just steal the name of the game and do what ever is the cheapest and call it modern gaming

^ This exactly. You couldn’t just stumble upon the latest exploit, and as soon as people saw items that had non-colored sockets on them (which is impossible to get on Seasonal), they knew it was coming from an exploit. The people who got banned/suspended/whatever, deserved exactly what they got.


I never said I was fine with it, I was stating how they are currently. Cry on the mountain tops all you want for a change, good luck, it won’t change reality.

Would I like an official Blizzard website with information about the game? Sure why not, do I care that there isn’t currently one? No, there’s plenty of other websites to look up information about the game that go into far more detail then Arreat Summit ever did for Diablo 2 back in the day. The Internet and Blizzard has changed, we all yearn for the days of our youth, but it’s just not going to happen.

It’s easy to get banned.

I don’t cry from mountain tops. I scream into voids. It’s why I am here.

Instead of banning accounts, why doesn’t Blizzard just Block the accounts ability to trade? Problem solved

You asked I provided. It is not useless. Maybe you just simply don’t like what you read in there. If you understand what’s in the EULA what is your real question then?

You constantly call the comments and replies of people here “useless” who want to help you. Dunno about the others but man your attitude should really be changed. At this point i have no clue why is anyone still trying to help you

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I had a ring (via drop) that had a non-colored socket. Dropped in T2 at like lv 16. When I got it, I thought there would be a horror of gameplay trying to get colored sockets and the correct colors. Just a bug though…

EDIT: Never seen another non-colored socket.

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Weak players tend to cross the line. They cant beat the game themselves so they have to resort to “TRADING” illegally.

Go risk yourself for being banned. Me? I dont need Trading. I would beat the game myself.

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This OP isn’t here for a real answer, honest discussion, or education. This OP is here to make sarcastic comments and feel superior to everyone else. The OP desires an echo chamber, and if you don’t agree, the OP reacts with hostility.

“Look at me! I’m going to point out there’s no manual, so that must mean no Terms of Service/Rules!**.”

“Look at me! You don’t agree with me, so you are ‘useless’!”

Don’t cheat. Says it right here. I’ll bold it.


Just another “but I didn’t cheat, I swear!” post, there are several. If you didn’t use cheats, exploits, or RMTing you wouldn’t get banned. No sympathy for cheats.


Yep so true. He is acting according to textbook. :smiley:

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Because they would do X or Y in order to get around the trade ban - possibly getting someone else banned in the process.

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Diablo 4 user manual.

  1. Install game.

  2. Hit play.

  3. Delete game.