Unavoidable one shot deaths every second in the eternal realm tier 90 to 100 dungeons. Janky, frame rate drop, laggy, rubber banding, unplayable game at this point

Ever since you guys updated Diablo 4 after 1.1.1 patch, the game is jittery, stuttering, and full on frame rate stop for a solid 4 to 5 seconds sometimes.
I play with a VERY elite team of players, we all have a few 100 lvl characters.
We always aim to play world 4, tier 100 dungeons because it’s really all there is that’s fun left for us to do but even that gets very boring fast because of the ridiculous multiple one-shot instant death powers and things you guys are making the elites do 5 different one shot abilities, insane and unstoppable elite lance shock, elite suppressor, ridiculous overpowered non stop fire eruption nova’s blasting non stop under an elite and they can teleport one shot kill on you and they run as fast as the flash himself, but yet I’m suppose to stand and melee fight with it directly??
If you guys where actually playing the game and consistently playing it on world 4 tier 90 to 100 dungeons YOU WOULD KNOW very fast that this stuff is killing the game for longevity and telling players this is where it ends.
It made me uninstall the game for a good week out of pure frustration knowing I simply will never be able to stop ANY of it from one shot killing me.
And I’m talking about my super powerful lvl 100 Barbarian that is using Termerity/HOTA build with elemental resistances and armor + barrier and healing received… I have AMAZING gear and stats in every way possible.
I currently have 39 days worth of hours played in D4 so you guy’s really should listen to what I’m bringing to light here.
Even just the off screen corpse bow one shot kills is destroying the game all on its own.
I’m talking about the eternal realm for all of this complaint, NOT the seasonal realm.
Myself and my friends really don’t care about playing the seasonal content because well simply put…it’s just not worth the time to waste on making a new character to go to 100 just for it to be deleted shortly down the line.
Here’s a good example imo, Fallout 76 has an amazing seasons/events/The Pitt, system I think your team would greatly benefit from learning a thing or two from that system that you guy’s could implement into D4 still.
The eternal realm is by far the most important thing to address as its the core of your game and what truly holds people to continue on indefinitely.
The laggy, stuttering and janky’ness has to be put to a stop and it needs to happen asap.
Tier 90 to 100 dungeons needs to be tamed with all what I mentioned, there’s simply no other way around it.
Resistance of elements on the paragon board aren’t working at all.
I cranked fire resistance and resistance to all elements on both paragon boards, got my intelligence up to 722, and had max rolls of fire resist on every piece of gear possible and still elites blasting continuous fire nova’s under their feet one shot me at tier 90+…
Everything I mentioned NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!
The eternal realm is what hooks people.
Uber lilith is probably the biggest fail of a super boss in gaming history of any game EVER to date.
You guy’s ruined this boss fight with yet again… too MANY ONE SHOT DEATHS THAT ARE VIRTUALLY UNAVOIDABLE!!!
NONE, and I mean NOT AN OUNCE of how things are currently is “fun” or “enjoyable” in any way shape or form whatsoever.
It’s nights screaming mad, yelling, and giving up and saying yeah screw this broken game.
I want to continue, I want to play D4…
But you guy’s seem to be lost on what you should be working on fixing first in line.
I realize as a corporation the corporation only cares about profits, but hear me out.
There’s a new game coming out next year in the summer, its called Path of Exile 2.
This game is going to put an end to D4 and the diablo franchise COMPLETELY, if you guy’s don’t start paying attention and start actually playing your own damn game!
The people working on Path of Exile 2 are amazing at playing their game AND THAT’S WHY THEY KNOW WHAT’S WORKING AND WHAT IS NOT WORKING!!!
Fix this stuff ASAP please!


“Corpse Bow Shot sound” - instant rage [for most].

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The most satisfaction I got out of this game came from chain stunning a frozen enchanted elite on my Rogue and watching its health bar tick down slowly as I only hit it with pestilent points imbued punctures.

Coming in a close second was watching a corpse bow suicide itself on my thorns Barbarian.

You have no idea how good it feels to turn bad game mechanics against the game itself! :rofl:

I love how corpse bows always fire a warning shot. Like, “Dude, wtf were you aiming?”

But after that theyre locked on…

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I absolutely agree on what you guys did to the high tier levels in the eternal realm. My rogue is 98 and my necromancer who is 100 get one shot by the stupidest things. What about the cannibals that jump through walls and one shot you? Blizzard needs to fix a lot in the eternal realm. We were not your beta testers. I also agree, not lvling a new toon every season to have them nerfed back to eternal. They need to make end game content much better or they will lose players to other games like poe2. Facts.


I am not up to the level 100 dgns yet but I do also agree with your frustration. It is though the developers have given up on challenging fights to kill your build and rely on 1 shot ponies to kill you instead because they can, especially annoying is the after fight deaths, exploding mobs that take you down after you kill them, which in a game setup that is built around large scale killing of groups is not just annoying but poor design. Then there is the uber vamps that spawn into your nightmare dgn and just about 1 shot you, poison that just burns through your health in seconds and then range mobs that pick you off outside of screen shot. And even if you do see them in time, a build like my barbarian requires combat time to build you fortify, and bleed based DR so range mobs catch you with most of your DR down. After the last patch, dgns that I was ddoing with relitive ease with smart play I cant even now complete as they have fudged with the DR again. I have played Diablo since the original, which was nail biting terror and battles that left you sweating and exhausted afterwards but was hell of a lot of fun. If you died it was primarily because you pulled to many mobs or made an error. Now it seems less fun and death is not necissarily by your doing, just some completely unavoidable gank by teleporting vamps, exploding mobs, outrages poison dmg or multiple other bad mechanic plays.

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