UI Enhancements

Didn’t know these were a thing, but according to Blizzard you can’t use them. Why don’t they fix the D4 UI to provide the information these HUDs do? Seems like if some lone dude can modify the UI to show useful information, the least Blizzard can do is copy it.


Information is power.
D3 was a trove of useful goodies, APIs, UI, gametime played/spent, etc.
Must be a business decision to keep information hidden, the un-datamine-nable info. :frowning: in D4.

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NGL, the labels on the Legendary Aspects in the codex look sweet. Whoever designed the UX for D4 on console should be fired. Literally no excuse for some of the stupidity.

Blizzard has no control over the future development of this 3rd party tool.

If you’re familiar with these tools they get bloated with a number of features that access memory information that the player is not supposed to see, if such features are not present already.

Thud in d3 showed all enemies on the map. It’s essentially what maphack was for d2 (if people remember mousepad’s maphack) with some extra features.

Some features are things blizz is fine with us having, but would you rather see this warning now?

Or somewhere down the line, update to a new version of thud that crosses a line, and get your account banned, your characters and purchases no longer usable?

The basic reply is twofold. One, Blizzard is trying to control the power creep in D4. Hence why all the nerfs to streamers builds that do millions or more of damage. So, because they cannot control what the mod does as well as how much it does or does not cost, they are simply banned.

Two, sets as well as much more are in the pipeline of D4. So, much of what is in the mod, we may see down the line. However, there is a caveat. Blizzard does not want D4 to be Pay 2 Win - so anything that may involve real money (Auction House, Trading, mods) will never be allowed in D4. You are seeing this now with people who bought a Grandfather or Shako during the recent mega drop.

If UI enhancements do NOT come tog. with endgame activity & leaderboards
ability to check gear, socialize, click on friends, tp, banner mark spot, game hours, etc,
in all 100% likelihood, it will NEVER arrive in our hands.

p.s. – there IS A 1% percent chance it does = will be akin to D3 s28, Rites of Altar … where all the gamer’s QoL wants get fulfilled. :P:P

Let me preface my thoughts with this-- I do enjoy the game and appreciate all the work that has been put into the game and the work they are doing to address feedback/community concerns. I think they’ve been timely and doing well at using their limited time/resources (only so many hours in the day after all) well to keep things moving in the right direction… BUT

I agree the Diablo UI is severely lacking. The fact that you can’t pin season objectives where quests would normally show is one example. Needing to go back to the season screen over and over again to remember how many more I need or what the next thing I want to do was.

I feel like they spent more time on accessibility options than actually designing a good flexible/customizable UI for the game. It’s 2023… Diablo 4 isn’t some E-sports title, either give us the tools to customize things ourselves or allow us to have add ons like WoW until you get the customization work done and just set some guidelines like “no removing fog of war from dungeon maps” and such.

Just my thoughts.


Or you can just focus on making a game that isnt broken/unfinished. And folks are worried about UI enhancing.

Good joke :b

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Could not agree more.

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Because if they control it, they can charge for it and make money. Wouldn’t want to improve the game without making a profit for Blizzard and company. The game could be great with mods and offline play, but the businessmen need to funnel the money in their direction; so, it is a no go.

Adam “aka Lots of talk no action” Fletcher should make sure we don’t have to use such UI mods and fix their game first perhaps?

Most of the fix the game will be done. However, with all the hotfixes, it cannot be done overnight. From one of the dev streams, we found out that they are working at least 2 seasons ahead. So, they may be working on season 4 as I write this. As such, even if they stopped work right now, that would mean delaying season 3, 4, etc. for how long? Otherwise, they do not have the number of people required to fix everything yesterday. Rather than complain, tell Blizzard which you would rather have - a delay in season or changes to the game. Keep in mind, some changes are part of upcoming seasons. If you delay seasons, you delay those changes. This means, no sets are upcoming, no higher gems are coming. Still, it would be you making the choice as opposed to Blizzard.

Well D4 is in a unique place where D2R players are playing it… and D2/D2R players HATE quality of life and having a lot of UI

Make a game that is playable for “1” player and they can eentually get thru it. Oh thats right Blizzard only caters to basement dwellers. TY for the theift of my 200.00

nice necromancing lol


“Fair” u mean completley different that d-3 and D4 is a none single player game. I guess sitting in front of a montor for over a decade screws u completely backwards. D4 will go down as the worse blizzard sequel in histoery. Grab a hold of mommy and make sure ur basement has extra snickers. Diablo 4 sucks, christ these WOKE companies cant have a bad word, so sucks BUTT!

Sucks because Blizzard can’t produce anymore, so make it for a small % of the actual Diablo veteran lovers. @BLIZZARDSUCKSBUTT

200.00 not thinking i should have to turn to mods, but it is Blizzard.